Jo of 33DOWANHILL is getting all geeky about TONERS + teaching us the science behind the one beauty product we should all be using….

Acid toners.  The holy grail of bridal skincare.

I can’t deny it.  I LOVE acids.  I use differing strengths and types every day.  Apart from cleansing it is the one step that I think can make the most dramatic difference to your skin’s appearance and texture.   As a bride (or groom!) to be having glowing skin on your big day is so important. Not only will it make you feel great, it will be captured in all those photos!  Using an acid toner can help you achieve that glow.  So what are they and how do they work?

Basically, the primary function of using an acid is to slough away dead skin cells – exfoliating without the dreaded sea creature killing micro beads!  However, they do so much more than that. Acids kick-start the creation of essential elastin and collagen, encourage the turnover of cells and help retain moisture – basically the holy grail of skincare.

I completely understand that the thought of putting acid on your face could strike fear into even the bravest soul.  However, in skincare, acids can have the most amazing impact on your skin’s vitality and appearance.  Think less school chemistry lab and more glowing beautiful skin.  

What are they?

To the un-initiated of you an acid toner is not one of those “classic” floral toners that claim to tighten pores.  Not that there is anything wrong with something that smells great and that you enjoy using (seriously I love a great fragranced facial mist more than the average girl) but, acid toners kick everything up a notch.  They are a work out for your skin although most are applied in a very similar way using a cotton or pre-soaked pad and swept across the face.

Acids fall into three camps alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA) or poly hydroxyl acids (PHA).  


Alpha-hydroxy acids are water-soluble that can work deep underneath the skin. They slough off the dead skin cells improving fine lines and dullness.

The most common are

  • Glycolic – good for resurfacing and boosts collagen production
  • Lactic – good for resurfacing and dehydrated/dry skin
  • Malic – helps boost collagen production


Beta hydroxyl acids are lipid-soluble which means they can break down surface oil and work into any build up of sebum congestion .  The most common is salicylic acid, which is great for those with oily or blemish prone skin.


Poly hydroxy acids function in much the same way as AHA’s but cause less irritation due to having a larger molecular size.  They are particularly good for those with sensitive skin.

Where to start and what to expect …

Most people have no negative reactions and the positive effects of acid toners are visible after the first few days.  

However, as with any new skincare treatment I would suggest you proceed with a little caution..  Don’t go in all guns blazing – especially if this is something you have never tired before.   Initially try only applying at night and only a couple of times a week.  Some people experience tingling sensations or slight irritation/redness.  This usually passes very quickly but, remember to listen to your skin.  If something feels too much then reduce or stop use and find something lighter to try.  

Keep in mind

Some acids can increase your sensitivity to sunlight (although recent research suggests it isn’t as great as it has been made out in the past!).  Obviously using sunscreen in important but, if you are sensitive to light then make sure you are extra careful in your application.

High doses of salicylic acid in its oral form (aspirin) have been linked to birth defects and pregnancy complications.  Although, there has been no research undertaken on its topical use some pregnant woman have opted not to use this acid.

The perfect mix

To get the greatest impact try mixing up your acid treatments to keep your skin cells on their toes!  Try out a stronger one for evening, something lighter for the morning and a third to mix it up a little.  Remember they all bring something different to the skincare party and I promise you that you will see a huge improvement whatever your skin concern.

Jo Laxton

Facialist and founder of 33Dowanhill Skincare.


Thanks Jo!
Want to get a chat in with a skin expert before your wedding + see what you could be doing to improve your routine? Get in touch with Jo + her gang at 33Dowanhill  here .

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We are in love with this sweet, simply styled East Coast wedding!
CARO WEISS PHOTOGRAPHY  captures all the details, those sweet moments, and all the love in a day with her fresh stylish eye + magic ways, every time.

From the clifftop view of Bass Rock, to this brides beautiful style – love that panelled dress! – and those TUPELO TREE botanicals styling up the marquee..  this real wedding is up there with the sweetest.

Thanks for sharing Caro!
To see more of Caro’s photography – head straight over to her Profile here





There’s few people who know more about hair and hair ornamentals than Annemarie McElroy aka the lady behind AMM TEAM
With a glamorous team of talented hairdressers and beauticians behind her – an ever-growing squad! – this lady has styled hundreds (THOUSANDS?!) of wedding hair dos. And so with Brides finding it increasingly difficult to source something different, Annemarie teamed up with the designer behind Eva Marie Accessories, combining a love of bridal hair styling, and hand-woven bespoke head pieces, to create something new, modern + luxe. From simple quartz bobby pins to full showstopper pieces. Each of the 10 designs uses crystals + stones specifically chosen to create the desired energy for that piece and the Bride wearing it.
It’s that boho touch that makes this collaboration the perfect balance of modern + luxe.
She knows what works guys…

This is the new exclusive collection AMATORY.

Editorial featuring #teamTWC fellows > Caro Weiss Photography // Jack Fleurist // Unbridaled // Happyhills Cakes // Laura Elizabeth Patrick Calligraphy // + of course AMM ..


The Pearl Hair vine


This light gold colored scattered Pearl Hair Vine has been delicately handmade with lustrous fresh water pearls, and sparkling rose quartz and amber colored crystals. This head piece is light and flexible giving multiple uses for your hair. What particularly separates this piece from your average hair vine is that it has three carefully placed, beautiful yellow sapphires. This stone is specifically exceptional at calming the mind, allowing the release of mental tension and unwanted thoughts. It will help to open the mind to beauty and intuition, bringing lightness and joy, as it restores balance within the body.

This piece can be easily pinned in many different positons in the hair. For instance, as a brow band or alternatively as a cuff round a loose topknot

Like all Amatory pieces this is a forever piece – an heirloom for generations to come.


The Marble and Blossom headband

Like most of the Amatory collection, this stylish piece can be worn for multiple occasions. The juxtaposition of the marble next to delicately hand woven blossoms is effortless and gives the wearer confidence and grace.

Each blossom has one strategically placed yellow sapphire. The stone will help to open the mind to beauty and intuition, bringing lightness and joy as it restores balance within the body.

This piece can be easily pinned in many different positons in the hair. For instance, as a brow band or alternatively as a cuff round a loose topknot. It also comes in a variety of colours.


The Rose Quartz pins

These beautiful pieces come in a pair. They are the perfect addition to a minimal bridal style, or alternatively can be worn in addition with any of the Amatory collection if you desire the vibes of rose quartz on your day.

This stone is the perfect companion as it encapsulates a feminine energy of peace, compassion and comfort and is known as the romance stone.

To get your hands on these unique pieces head to the Amatory shop!



This week we are hosting our Summer wedding Market – the LATE edition (buy tkts here) – and it’s set to be as creative, inspiring + fun as ever with a crazy line up, boozy welcomes + those glaswegian lady legend DJs Pretty Ugly providing our Summer soundtrack.

AMM TEAM + JACK FLEURISTE are hosting a Pop Up Hair + Floral Styling Bar offering free beauty trials with on the spot flower creations to try out with your hair do..

And  C A R V E  will be hosting a live demo showcasing their ring carving workshop .. a perfect Hen Do or pre-wedding party idea – Hey you could totally carve your own wedding rings?
Here’s Jenni to tell you more……

CARVE is a pop-up jewellery workshop.

wedding market
We give you a piece of blank jewellers wax, and teach you all the tips, tricks and nifty things you can do with your wax to turn it into a completely bespoke, one-of-a-kind original ring. Then we take your wax away, cast it into solid silver, clean it up by hand in our Glasgow-based studio, and send it back to adorn your finger, forever. Our classes draw out your inner creativity (trust us, it’s in everyone), combining it with our jewellery know-how, so you can create a ring completely unique to you.

Want to CARVE your own wedding bands? We can definitely help. We provide a hamper of treats, bubbly, and the expertise to guide you to your dream, unique ring.

But where we really shine is for your pre-wedding parties: hens, stags, hags, whatever it is you’re having. For groups, we supply the jewellers wax, tools, optional cake, fizz and a venue (or we can come to you) and show you all how to carve the wax and create a bespoke, one-off ring. The workshop lasts two hours and you will be guided with expert tuition to help you achieve your ideas.

make your own wedding ring scotlandmake your own wedding ring scotlandwedding marketwedding marketmake your own wedding ring scotland

We just can’t put into words the fun and hilarity that happens during a CARVE party. So, we’re going to show you! We’re running a mini-hen during the fantastic Bridal Market Late this Thursday at the Lighthouse in Glasgow. We’ve got a real-life bride (and some stand-in hens and stags) so you can peek into a CARVE party all voyeuristic-like and see if it’s for you. Check out a bit about our process, see how your ring will be turned into solid silver and sent back to you, and have a chat with us about how we can cater for your party.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Tkts available HERE at early bird price or on the door Thursday night!