One awesome wedding, a fun laid back creative couple and five Glasgow Wedding Collective suppliers makes for a truly fabulous wedding day!

The GWC dream team:

Photography: Christopher Currie • Beauty: Pin-up Hair • Flowers: Sparrow & Rose • Dress: Flossy & Dossy • DJ: Pin-up Nights 

IMG_1166 wedding makeup scotland IMG_1225 IMG_1247 IMG_1260 wedding flowers scotland IMG_1385A IMG_1389 wedding dress scotland IMG_1502A IMG_1548 IMG_1587 IMG_1608 IMG_1595 IMG_1671A IMG_1763 IMG_1689 IMG_1863 IMG_1702A IMG_1936 IMG_1948 IMG_1682 IMG_1673 IMG_1831A IMG_2009 IMG_2001 IMG_2162 IMG_2127A IMG_2242A IMG_2190 IMG_1957A IMG_1991A IMG_2314A IMG_2665A IMG_2658A IMG_2629A wedding scotland IMG_2736 IMG_2787 wedding scotland IMG_2612 IMG_2546 IMG_2502A IMG_3052A IMG_3012A IMG_2714A IMG_2632 IMG_2694A IMG_2693 IMG_2869 IMG_2743A IMG_3088A IMG_3101 IMG_3137 IMG_3270 IMG_3283 IMG_3337 IMG_3360 IMG_3436A IMG_3434A IMG_3391A IMG_3423A IMG_4385 IMG_3382A