Looking for dessert + puddin’ inspiration?  Here are the cake styles we’re getting hungry over right now..

oh yes, the ingenious dessert table trend is going nowhere. and what a lovely lovely thing that is. the more puddings the merrier we say. EVERYDAY.

from stacks of drizzled + dripping flower-heavy singles or piles and piles of donuts on top of donuts, to simple and smooth iced minimal babies or confetti crusted candle laden party guys.

the options are endless from flavour to cake style to colour to size to topping choices to table layout.
from one big cake to a board of tiny tarts.
go weird + have little frenchie canneles  to go with the hot bevs. (maybe alongside your coffee cart even..?)
lay a full table of mini meringue beauties!
or build a hot damn donut wall even (you’ve all seen a donut wall right?! oh shit sonnnn)

listen – if you love cake make the cake/s your cake/s of cake + pudding dreams.. if not on your wedding day, when! right?

Images via our pinterest board ‘INSPO//the eats‘ head there for all the links to those drool-over cakes!