Hiyaaaa! In the GWC spotlight this week……… Here’s what this super picture-taker has to say for herself ….. 1/ business: Lisa Devine Photography… It’s just me myself and I, so no sharpie pen and post it note fuelled brainstorming sessions to come up with that name 🙂 where:
 I edit in my house where I live with my husband and our little girl, which is just outside Glasgow but shoot anywhere and everywhere. I have been lucky enough to shoot weddings as far a field as Sweden and Brazil! 2/ describe your workspace: I’m in the process of trying to create a new work space….we’ve just moved house so I’m addicted to Pinterest and can spend hours searching for ideas and styles that I like. Up until very recently I was sat amongst cardboard boxes in a room with pale yellow wallpaper that had illustrations of teddy bears at the seaside, not the most inspiring I have to admit. Thankfully we’ve just painted it and I’m slowly beginning to unpack the boxes and find places for things. These things include a ridiculous number of used and unused vintage cameras, lightboxes, frames (hundreds of frames) and magazines! I spend so much time at my desk editing, usually until ridiculous times in the morning so it’s really important to me that it’s […]

Hello hello!! We have some perfect rainy day material for you today guys!! A cockle-warming wedding film by the super Eileen of Sugar 8 … “Cat & Joakim and their friends and family, flew from all over the world to the beautiful Ardanaiseig Hotel, to ‘tie the knot’ in style.  Cat & the girls got ready in the boathouse, with the help of Laura Gray & her beauty team.  The flowers were by the lovely Sophie of I Heart Flowers – and all looked amazing! There was a truly emotional ceremony which had everyone in tears, including myself, the photographer AND the humanist, as they told the story of their journey together, in both English & Spanish, before everyone cheered the tying of the knot. Scotland was true to form, raining nearly all of the day, but when it had calmed to a light drizzle, we made it out to capture some of the breathtaking scenery all around us, and it looked as beautiful as ever..” Everyone meet, Cat & Joakim .. Cat & Joakim Trailer from Eileen Dunn on Vimeo. Cockles officially warmed. To see more of Eileens work at Sugar 8 Wedding Films – head on over to our Directory – she’s a good ‘un!!! And super lovely to boot. x team gwc

Hello! So… eh, who’s thinking about Christmas then? We absolutely ARE. Mulled wine & friends & family time! We have a seriously fun festive idea to share with you all, from our gwc photographer pals, Mirrorbox Photography… this is a doozie! Over the first 2 weekends of November – the Mirrorbox ladies are being super super cool and hosting 2 pop up photography sessions in Glasgow & Edinburgh – for families, friends, couples & kiddos! Look look look!!!  You can even get your photos done, choose a super cool Mirrorbox design, and then THEY MAKE THEM INTO CRIMBO CARDS FOR YOU!!! we LOOOOOVE this! Such a great idea and cool designs to choose from.. Here’s some more info from the girls themselves: “This time last year we opened the door to our Pop-Up Studio Sessions and we’re pleased to say that we’re doing it all over again for 2014.  And while the time of year suggests a festive theme (and we would stress here that Christmas sweaters are both encouraged and applauded) you can take your images and turn them into whatever takes your fancy.  Make big prints for the wall, photo books for doting grandparents or Save-The-Dates for your upcoming wedding.   This year we’re setting up the studio in Bar Soba, Hanover Street, Edinburgh on Sunday 2nd November […]

 Something different for y’all tonight! Ever wondered what ‘A day in the life’ of a darn pretty jewellery maker would be like???? Wonder no more, nosey parkers. The super-talented Eileen of Sugar8 made this rather fetching film of oor lovely jewel-genius, Alison Macleod – from home to studio …. A Day in the Life from Eileen Dunn on Vimeo. What a cool lady making such very cool things. To read more about Alison and see some of her work – head on over to her spot in the Directory! And to see more films made by the talent that is Eileen – Go gander at Sugar8 Wedding Films profile too! Loves, Team GWC

Heyhey! In the GWC Spotlight today … a super raaaaad picture-taking lady …   Let’s hear from the lovely lady herself:   1/ business: Solen Photography      you/your team: me (Solen), sometimes Alix (alixmcintosh.co.uk)      where: based in Edinburgh, work in Scotland or anywhere!   2/ describe your workspace: I work from our (me, Dan and our little boy) wee house by Portobello in Edinburgh. It’s a lovely place to live and work.  We can see the sea from our garden and the view is different every day. The light is amazing. My workspace is full of old fashion magazines, photography books, a bunch of toy cameras that I always mean to use more regularly and usually our wee boy and his toys.    3/ where did it all begin? My grandfather (I called him Pepe) had a collection of film cameras that I was obsessed with as a kid. I loved looking at all his old photos. I also love mucking about with Lomo cameras. When I got a digital SLR I got really frustrated that I didn’t know how to use it properly so went to an evening class…which lead to a part-time college course…which lead to a full time course…which lead to me quitting my job as a gig booker and now I work full […]