Sarah and Darren of SD PHOTOGRAPHY love their job like CRAAAAZY.  As soon as you meet these guys you will know it. Self confessed weirdos who love animals, houseplants, geometry & Game of Thrones (serious hipster-geek vibes!) – S&D are down to earth, super friendly and keen as beans to be there on your wedding day capturing all the feels with their candid unobtrusive approach – creating authentic, evoking images in rich, vibrant tones leaving you feeling all warm and emotional.. Our approach to shooting a wedding is pretty simple; we’ll keep it mostly candid (can’t beat a good caught-off-guard expression), capture moments as and when they happen, avoid cheesy clichés and most importantly let the couple and their guests have an almighty blast along the way! We love to make use of the surrounding context and incorporate textures and the like into some of our images – don’t be freaked out if you see us umm-ing and ahh-ing over an old rickety shed complete with peeling paint! In all, we totally dig weddings – even had one ourselves once upon a time! So if you like what you hear and are looking for an untraditional, fine-art wedding photographer for your elopement or wedding, whether it be a local or an abroad affair, please feel free to give us a […]

Warm and merry 2016 welcomes to one our newest #teamTWC members  –  BESPOKE CATERING. Check out their Profile in our Directory HERE The images say it all.  Y U M.  Simple, quality ingredients – these guys don’t believe in papping out any old food to just fill your stomach, NOPE, from carefully sourcing the produce, right through to the modern, clean presentation of the dishes.  We are super excited to have this team on board The Wedding Collective! We got the chance to try some dishes in person at our Bridal Market in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago – blog post on this to follow soon! – and all we can say is GET IN TOUCH WITH THESE CATERERS! A lot of fun to work alongside & super super good at what they do. (ps. also: their COCKTAILS … yes please. all day)

Hello! Happy Winter-time to you all. We’re back with our Supplier Spotlight Series finally!​  And first up is the newest Florist to join The Wedding Collective ranks… Let’s hear it from the lovely Natasha – to be found with tea and biscuits at all times it seems… _______ 1/ business:
  Tupelo Tree Garden you: Natasha where:
 Central Scotland 2/ describe your workspace:

 My workspace is my home, I have a cosy wee room with a big desk, lots of floor space and a cupboard filled with wire, scissors, ribbon, boxes – you name it i’ve got it! I spend most of my ‘online’ time in my living room overlooking the fields and occasional deer jumping around. Wherever my workspace is however, I will always find snacks to hand 🙂 3/ where did it all begin?
 Would you believe, i applied for a floristry job whilst drinking too much wine!! Its a funny mr bean type story of how I got the job but as soon as I started, I fell in love quickly and my mind started expanding with flower names, techniques, possibilities and colours. I worked there a while but felt very stunted in working for someone else so gradually started to take on my own weddings and eventually went full time with Tupelo Tree Garden, and I’ve been […]

Check out this photoshoot in the latest  B R I D E S  M A G A Z I N E  featuring lace parasols from Brolly Bucket… love the romantic stormy shades and dramatic stylish feel to this! Head over to BROLLY BUCKETS profile in our Directory here, to see more of her beautiful stock & get in touch with Rosie for more details.. & pick up a copy of BRIDES to see this shoot in full.  Le Swoon. x

In the spotlight this week ..  those super cayooooot cool gals at Scissorkick Design telling us how it all began, and what goes on in a typical Scissorkick day.  There’s talk of tea, puppies & rooftops. . . . and ORIGAMI BACKDROPS. Yes. Please. 1/ business:      SCISSORKICK DESIGN      you/your team: Jen McFadzean and Laina Smith      where:       SWG3 2/ describe your workspace: We love our workshop! It’s big and bright and airy and has plenty of floor space to spread out. We’ve got a massive steel shelving unit that has EVERYTHING on it, every colour of paper, tissue paper, tools, scissors in every size, samples of modules, shapes and paper pineapples. We’ve got a huge desk that we share; it’s the king size of desk. We’ve always got about five projects and several notebooks spread out on there. There’s also a great big window with a stunning view of trees, nothing like a blast of green to make you feel refreshed and inspired. On really nice (and very wind-free) days we work on the roof. Gotta get that vitamin D at any opportunity! 3/ where did it all begin? It all began in The Belle on great western road over a pot of tea and a few too many caramel wafers. We spent all […]