Jo of 33DOWANHILL is getting all geeky about TONERS + teaching us the science behind the one beauty product we should all be using…. ___________________________________________________________________ Acid toners.  The holy grail of bridal skincare. I can’t deny it.  I LOVE acids.  I use differing strengths and types every day.  Apart from cleansing it is the one step that I think can make the most dramatic difference to your skin’s appearance and texture.   As a bride (or groom!) to be having glowing skin on your big day is so important. Not only will it make you feel great, it will be captured in all those photos!  Using an acid toner can help you achieve that glow.  So what are they and how do they work? Basically, the primary function of using an acid is to slough away dead skin cells – exfoliating without the dreaded sea creature killing micro beads!  However, they do so much more than that. Acids kick-start the creation of essential elastin and collagen, encourage the turnover of cells and help retain moisture – basically the holy grail of skincare. I completely understand that the thought of putting acid on your face could strike fear into even the bravest soul.  However, in skincare, acids can have the most amazing impact on your skin’s vitality and appearance.  Think less school […]

GUEST POST > > > Hello Rachel Paper Arrow Press! Take it awa’ .. _________________________________________________________________________ WEDDING REBELLION… I’ve lost count of the number of times in the 5ish years since I started Paper Arrow Press and was plunged into the wonderful world of weddings that I’ve seen this venue or that dress and thought ‘if I were getting married again…’. These days anything goes when you get married. There are so many brilliant businesses offering alternative options for your wedding. Don’t believe me? Just look at the The Wedding Collective DIRECTORY, it is overflowing with creativity and originality. On the flip side I also find myself thinking I’ve had a lucky escape from the pressure to plan the alternative wedding of my dreams – I’m not sure it would have gone down all that well with my tribe of fairly traditional relatives. And maybe I’m not really brave enough to wear an emerald green wedding dress anyway, planning the simple wedding we had was stressful enough… So, if you want to dodge the meringue but are getting the fear about telling your mum…  I’ve had a think about some sneaky, non-scary ways to let your inner wedding rebel rip without falling out with your great auntie Pam. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 10 non-scary ways to rebel on your wedding day: Rewrite traditions – One of […]

WELL GUYS THE END OF 2016 IS NEAR!!!! Who doesn’t love the clean slate of a new year + looking forward to all thats a-comin’?! We’ve been chatting a lot recently about wedding trends and how the wedding industry can be slow on the uptake with integrating modern styles. But with the birth of high-street wedding dresses and quick access to online fashion + stores, we think there’s a change afoot! You creative lot are much more keen to marry your daily style into your wedding celebrations, so with that in mind, here’s our take, our edit, on the fashion trends in 2017 you’ll see sneaking their way into your 2017-18 plans! • STREET STYLE  L A Y E R S Inspired by the street styles of London, NYC and those stylish Scandinavians. Think tone on tone layering and mixed textures. Keys pieces: sheer tee‘s & polo necks paired with spaghetti or chunky pinafore straps. ____________________________ • S H E E R Sexing it up in a modern & stylish way. Adding an element of sheer, softens the silhouette , adds an element of intrigue – it can be girlish with an underwear undertone, a big fat dose of diluted colour or an understated way to play with texture, pattern & volume. _____________________________ • A U T H E N […]

Welcome to the first post in our Wedding Insider Series! We’re handing over to Maggie Mowbray Millinery to tell us how to dress that head with a classy hat that suits. GOLD ADVICE. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • One question I often get asked is which styles of hat or headpiece will suit?  Like any piece of clothing, hats and headpieces may not necessarily suit everybody the same, our face shape plays a huge part in design suitability.  However once you determine which styles will work with your features and not against, you will soon discover that you do actually suit hats and headpieces! How to determine your face shape?  see for our guide! Oval shaped faces. You will suit most hat and headpiece styles including large brimmed hats, should your height allow. Brims will look good either floppy or straight, Unless you are tall, brims should be equal to or narrower than your shoulders.  Famous oval face shapes are Kate Middleton & Charlize Theron. Round shaped face. Irregular brims; hats worn at an angle or an angled brim and prominent or high crowns. Designs which have height or vertical detail, such as feathers will help to elongate your face.  Famous round […]