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wedding rebel

I’ve lost count of the number of times in the 5ish years since I started Paper Arrow Press and was plunged into the wonderful world of weddings that I’ve seen this venue or that dress and thought ‘if I were getting married again…’. These days anything goes when you get married. There are so many brilliant businesses offering alternative options for your wedding. Don’t believe me? Just look at the The Wedding Collective DIRECTORY, it is overflowing with creativity and originality.

On the flip side I also find myself thinking I’ve had a lucky escape from the pressure to plan the alternative wedding of my dreams – I’m not sure it would have gone down all that well with my tribe of fairly traditional relatives. And maybe I’m not really brave enough to wear an emerald green wedding dress anyway, planning the simple wedding we had was stressful enough…

So, if you want to dodge the meringue but are getting the fear about telling your mum…  I’ve had a think about some sneaky, non-scary ways to let your inner wedding rebel rip without falling out with your great auntie Pam.

10 non-scary ways to rebel on your wedding day:

  1. Rewrite traditions – One of the trickier things about a wedding is that it can all feel a little – ummm – not very feminist, so take a long hard look at your vows, maybe don’t get ‘given away’ and/or get the women to give speeches too.

    wedding rebel
  2. Rebel playlist – Music is the medium for all the best rebels to express themselves – so if a full evening of Father John Misty is your dream wedding soundtrack, knock yourself out, then break up the night with a few sets that will get different guests up on the dance floor for a few songs.
  3. Not that bothered about champagne? Serve gin instead! Obviously…wedding rebelwedding rebel
  4. Stay flexible – Adding accessories which you can swap in or take off through the day (hello leather jacket!) is a great non-scary way to rebel. If you’re not feeling brave just take it off, (but who’s not going to feel brave in a wedding dress and biker jacket ensemble?!)
  5. Location location – I think this is a tricky one. I am crazy for those urban warehouse spaces with their blank canvas potential but it can be hard to imagine your family members congregated in one. Consider opting for a multi-location wedding with the dream warehouse for your reception preceded by a more traditional ceremony or search for a blank canvas in a more low key venue and add your own unusual touches.
    PRO TIP: Super wedding stylist Toria at Arrow and Twine suggests doing away with the traditional table plan on an easel in favour of a hanging installation (see her website for more ideas)
  6. Keep a sense of humour – Tiny touches of comedy can go along way to take the edge of the old fashioned vibes of a wedding. Get a bit cheeky with your table names. See the list I wrote here) for inspiration 😉
  7. Relaxed refreshments – Serve food on large sharing platters for your guests to pass around if a three course meal is just too old fashioned for you!wedding rebel
  8. Colour flash – Gone are the days of the pastel pink wedding, any colour goes. If the 13 year old disco queen in you is too nervous to go all out with an orange sequin gown – do it with tiny details; bold coloured shoes and dark nails, or HUGE jewellery. Because why the F not? And if your the type of guy who wants to be himself on his big day and his ‘self’ usually jazzes right up or doesn’t fancy feeling like an inverted commas Groom – then go wild! Colour, pattern, suits, ties, shoes .. Hey, it’s your day too right? (Check out our GROOM STYLE post for some inspo)
    PRO TIP: Lovely Rosie of Brolly Bucket suggests taking it a step further hiring bright brollies that colour clash with your shoes or socks! wedding rebel
  9. Don’t take the veil – If wearing a piece of net on your head is not for you there are so many other options and if you don’t want to put anything on your head, well…don’t! 😉
  10. Ch ch changes – If you know your family is desperate to see you float down the aisle in a traditional dress choose a second one and change for the evening. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just one you want to party in!

GO ON. REBEL (even a wee bit)


THANKS RACHEL!! top tips for some subtle rebellion. we love it!

About the AUTHOR:

Paper Arrow Press design modern, personalised and bespoke wedding invitations and stationery for style-conscious couples. From our Edinburgh studio, we work closely with couples to create wedding stationery as unique and stylish as they are. We design everything from invitations to on-the-day stationery and thank you cards, specialising in bold typography and striking designs that grooms as well as brides love.  //  //


Images by LISA DEVINE + THE CURRIES mwah mwah mwah xx

pinterest wedding inspiration

I’m feeling cool. Cool + calm + drinking clear icelandic water with breezy cool tipped eyes and nails + wednesday adams hair in reverse.

When you click on your Pinterest and see that one week you pinned all the creamiest crisp tones with a hint of holiday feels in black and cream and grey thats warm. That.

Join the #teamTWC pin party HERE + get the credits for all those coolcalm images above while your there.

Ever fancied your hand at some fancy hand lettering? Hey, nows the time!  Here’s Brahmin Lettering Co telling you all about their modern calligraphy workshops .. starting again towards the end of the Summer :

calligraphy workshop

Caitlin’s modern calligraphy workshops are a fun and informal two-hour introduction to pointed dip pen calligraphy, perfect for brides-to-be, bridesmaids, mums and anyone else helping with wedding planning. Workshops start with an introduction to the tools and how to use them, including assembling the calligraphy pen, using inks and understanding ink flow and pressure. You then move onto how to make basic shapes and strokes, gradually building towards creating letters and words, using Caitlin’s sample modern calligraphy alphabet as a guide. By the end of the workshop you should be more confident and ready to dive into adding all those special handwritten touches to your wedding!

Each attendee receives their own calligraphy starter kit to use at the workshop and take home with them afterwards – including a beautiful personalised clipboard.

calligraphy workshopcalligraphy workshopcalligraphy workshopcalligraphy workshopcalligraphy workshopcalligraphy workshop 
Caitlin currently runs workshops in Glasgow’s MANY Studios and various locations in Edinburgh. Places sell out fast so get yourself on her waiting list to get an advanced heads up on new workshop dates and ticket sales:
calligraphy workshop
Follow Caitlin along on facebook + instagram for a ton of pretty paper inspo and news of upcoming workshop dates later this Summer!!
All images by Katy Melling.

Big thanks to our lovely intern Cara for getting to know our Suppliers + creating this little blog series for y’all.
Take it away, I said.

alternative engagement rings_____________________________________________________________________________________

The Wedding Collective would be absolutely no where without our beloved suppliers who help to push the whole industry forward with their ever-growing, unique and creative input. Firstly, we’re going to take a look at some of our wonderful jewellers who spend countless hours debating ideas, designing and crafting beautiful alternative wedding + engagement rings for you all; one of the most important, beautiful and symbolic elements, which is why we only have the best to showcase for you.


First up we have Ebba Goring who has been pioneering her technique of working with casting textiles since graduating in 2009 with a BDES (Hons) in Jewellery and Metal Design from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee, Scotland.

Ebba and her small team currently work from her studio/showroom in an architect restored railway platform building in Burntisland on the Fife Coast of Scotland. What a creative, funky and unique workspace to create some alternative engagement rings for you lovely, lucky clients.

Grace Ring Rose gold

Her inspiration stems from a love of traditional needlework and a passion to translate textile skills that have been handed down through generations into a new material that will preserve them forever.

“The simple repetition of a stitch, like double crochet, can be inspiration in itself — but I am also fascinated by historic jewellery, costume and textile motifs, especially from the Jacobean and Elizabethan eras for my latest collections.”

In terms of craftsmanship, Ebba stitches her designs in a small, delicate cotton stitch and crochet, then casts them into solid precious metal.

“I enjoy this sort of alchemy process, the organic undulating stitches are captured in metal and transformed into solid precious jewels. The finished pieces have an almost ancient treasure look to them, especially the gold pieces studded with precious gemstones.”

We absolutely adore Ebba’s designs and I’m sure we’ll only have more gorgeous work to share with you in the time to come!

Photo credits: Ebba Goring

Ebba Goring_Solitaire Ring_gold & salt and pepper diamond

Marquise Stitch Ring in gold: aquamarine and diamonds

Solitaire Stitch Ring Gold and Cairngorm


Sarah from Brazen Studios is a true artist, putting a modern, unique and beautiful twist on the “traditional” wedding ring. Her work completely radiates the passion she has for what she creates. Her attention to detail and communication with each client to create something they love is a huge part of her work, and is one of the solid foundations of why she sticks out from the crowd. We absolutely love her work over here at TWC! She has so much to offer and has created some beautiful alternative wedding + alternative engagement rings over the years. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017!

Below, Sarah explains some of her beautiful pieces:

“Here I’ve created a 18ct yellow gold encrusted engagement ring. The client I was working with wanted something less traditional but with enough statement. He also wanted to include 3 old cut diamonds from his grandmother’s ring which are also featured. We went for an Autumnal colour palette and combined white diamonds, yellow diamonds, spessartine garnets (totally gorgeous vibrant orange) and orange sapphires to create the look. They were set in a hand carved asymmetric wide gold band with lovely contouring.”

“A classic 3 stone / trilogy diamond engagement with lovely high spec (GIA – DVS diamonds) set above a fine yet structural balcony.”

Yellow gold, ‘romantic’ themed engagement ring which has an element of baroque scrolls to set off the marquise cut Tsavorite garnets and diamonds.”

We can’t wait to share more from Brazen Studios in the near future! 


Katie Lees’ designs never fail to blow us away through her contemporary pieces – I mean, totally blow us away! 

If you’ve not heard of Katie and her work before, her inspiration and passion for what she creates is largely based on the study of industrial, engineered and structural landscapes found in her hometown of Glasgow.

“The language is drawn not only from the beauty of the pragmatic forms and robust engineering, but also from the remnants of the shipbuilding industry that once defined the industrial aesthetic of the river and my city.”

Absolutely smashing it is Katie. Her work is beautiful, intriguing, meaningful, precise and represents such a big part of who she is. We’re lucky to have her with the team and it’s been a pleasure showcasing her alternative wedding + alternative engagement rings! You certainly won’t be disappointed with any of her pieces. BEAUTIFUL.

Photo credits: Gabriela Silveira


Scarlett’s jewellery is inspired by her love for textures and working with gemstones and she works with precious metals to create contrasting textures, heightening the wearers sense of touch. It is then further enhanced through her intricate use of stone settings using precious gemstones adding colour and elegance to her jewellery.

We absolutely love the contrast in style, colour and appearance in Scarlett’s work! There’s really something for everyone and we couldn’t be more excited to see what’s in store for her in the near future.

“I love working with my clients to design their dream rings whether it be a customisation of one of my own pieces or a design the clients have imagined.”

We heart Scarlett!

Photo Credit: Scarlett Erskine

That was 2016s work from those guys – The year of beautiful jewellery! Think 2017 can top it? HELLS YEAH.

You can see some of Cara’s photography work in Januarys market gallery HERE x


groom style

Written by Melissa Woods of  THE UN-WEDDING.COM  >

In a world where fashion and gender roles are constantly evolving, it is not surprising that we are now seeing an exciting shift when it comes to modern groom style.

No longer content with blending into the background in the obligatory monkey suit and coordinating waistcoat, keeping him in line with the all of the other background details…. NO!… today’s modern groom likes to use the BIGGEST day of his life as a chance to show his lucky person what an awesome catch he really is… AMEN to that.

It’s important to remember that the wedding day is about both of you – who wants to upstage their other on the day, right? You should totally BOTH feel and look amazing!

Sometimes even the tiniest details make the biggest impact. Here are 8 easy styling tips to WOW everyone, including yourself!

  1. Be True. Be you. 

groom style

This is the biggest favour you can do yourself. If you are not a monkey suit kinda guy then don’t show up to the BIGGEST day of your life (and most photographed) wearing one. You’ll feel uncomfortable and it will show.


  1. Accessorise.

groom style

Accessories have often been described as the exclamation mark of an outfit (!) With that in mind, what better way to make your mark on your wedding day, than taking care of the details?

A hat, some killer shoes, a pair of awesome shades…. it’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself for the big day with something that you can wear time and time again.


  1. Pick One Highlighting Feature.

groom style

Not everyone feels comfortable standing out from the crowd. If this is you then why not just pick one thing, one little detail and make it a bit special.
It could be a tie, something pinned to your jacket…. even your socks! Red shoes? Exactly, why not.
Whatever you feel comfortable with that still says ‘I’m getting married today and that’s not something I do every day!’


  1. Try Colour Blocking.

groom style

Colour is a really important part of a wedding. The only problem is, it can get a bit boring and samey with every tiny detail having to match.
Instead of adding to those tiny details, why not be BOLD instead and think about colour blocking your look… even going one step further by opting for a lighter or darker shade than everything else.


  1. Treat yourself.

Even the most low-maintenance guys should consider splashing out on themselves in some way  … bit of luxury, why not! Head for the barbers for a fresh hair cut, but not too fresh (we all know that feeling of having to settle into a new style)… invest in a new aftershave .. because if ever there was a time to get that expensive scent, it’s now! Treat yourself to some skincare products – theres some amazing brands out there for you guys now! Drink lots of water, eat well, buy fancy pants, use lip balm – just go for it! 


  1. Consider wearing separates.

groom style

Separates are one of the biggest trends in wedding fashion at the moment. This can easily be adapted for Grooms who don’t want to go down the ‘usual’ suit route.
Try looking for a statement jacket to go with some plain trousers or vice versa!


  1. Be relevant.

Think about your location. What man wants to wear a suit to a beach wedding?….. unless its white linen, of course!


  1. Stand out from the crowd.

groom style
More often than not we see the Groom and the Groomsmen in the exact same attire. What is that all about?
Just imagine if all of the Bridesmaids wore the same dress as the Bride… would that be ok? No, so why do it.
There are no rules when it comes to this stuff, people just think there are and everyone ends up doing the same thing.

So, bottom line?  Make your own rules.


Author Bio – Melissa Woods is Founder and Editor of  THE UN-WEDDING – A style blog and directory for modern couples looking for fresh ideas for their big day.

Images via // Green Wedding Shoes / Bespoke Bride / A Life Suited / The Sartorialist / Pinterest
TeamTWC x