The lovely Jo of 33Dowanhill gives us the lowdown and some insider secrets on getting that elusive skindeep glow!

In the run up to your wedding it is more important than ever to have a proper skincare routine in place. This will vary for each individual but a simple routine should include cleansing, toning/acid exfoliation, serum and oil/moisturiser. To make it extra fun there is also a specific order for each of these products!

Believe it or not there is actually science backing up the proper order in which to use your skincare products and how to make them more effective.  In simple terms this means that products should be applied based on their consistency.  Thin products first, and then heavier or thicker ones on top.

Doing it this way means that you allow the active ingredients in each product to full absorb into the skin rather than just sitting on top.


A simple routine would look like this….

Step one – Cleanse
Start with a good cleansing oil or balm.  Once in the morning and twice/double cleanse in the evening.  Thoroughly cleansing the skin prepares your skin to receive and make full use of the products.

Step two – Toner/Acid
Gone are the days of alcohol based toners (put them down!!!!).  Chose something that is suitable for your skin type, I tend to use acid toners (usually glycolic) to help with cell regeneration.

Step three – Serum
Serums are usually usually the lightest formulation and so should be the first thing you put on your face.  Serums are amazing.  I love them a bit too much to be honest. Serums generally need to be placed onto the skin rather than massaged in and as they are water based they work quickly – so should you to get them applied across your face and neck.

Step four – Oil
Oils are heavenly, fact.  Do not fall for the old wives tale about oily skin needing oil-free products.  If your skin is oily and you deprive (or worse remove) the oil from your face/routine your skin will over compensate and prorduce more.  There are lots of oils out there, ther will be one to treat your specific skincare requirements. If you have time and want to give your routine a little boost, take time to massage the oil into the skin.

Step five – Moisturiser (if you need it)
This is the stage when you should be feeling your skin to see if your product as been absorbed.  If it feels like it needs a little more then apply your moisturizer.  I have very dehydrated and dry skin, so I use moisturizer on top of oil at night, so that my skin doesn’t feel tight in the morning.  Use common sense here, don’t use it if you don’t need it.

Now as I said this is a simple routine and doesn’t include other things like retinols, treatments, eye creams etc. but it should be a good starter guide!

If you would like more information on how to get the best from your skincare routine or to find out more about my personalised Beauty Boxes then please get in touch

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The Get Knotted RECIPE for transforming your barn wedding venue!

barn wedding scotland

To create warmth and intimacy in a large, vacuous area – a complete blank canvas – you will need:

• Style, flair and vision
• Lighting
• Props
• One happy couple, friends and family


The entrance:
• Make your entrance a teaser for your guests by decorating it with lanterns or fairy lights
• Arrange lights as a pathway leading inside

The ceremony:

• Create an aisle using fresh bay trees in baskets or silver storm lanterns to walk in between as you head towards your groom
• A floral arch makes the most romantic place to say your “I do’s” underneath
• Use plenty of candle light to add to enhance the romantic atmosphere as you get married
• Match your chair cover fabrics or bale covers and cushions with the drapes to carry your theme throughout the barn..

barn wedding scotlandbarn wedding scotlandbarn wedding scotlandbarn wedding scotlandbarn wedding scotland

The décor:

• Divide the space inside your barn into clearly defined areas – seating, chill out, dining, bar and dancing
• Use colourful drapes to soften the light and create smaller spaces
• Be bold with fabrics and colours for a unique look
• Barrels make great poseur tables and can be great for creating more intimate spaces
• Use lots of glass wear, candles and flowers to set the scene. Group stemmed cylinder vases of different heights with floating candles to emphasise the size and structure of your barn
• Create dramatic groupings of candle holders, flowers and even fruits depending on your style and theme for added special touches to your tables
• Create a seating area with low lighting and fun soft furnishings, such as inflatable sofas, straw bales and coffee tables
• Use wide trestle tables to make use of the space, which will also provide you with enough space for food and decorations
• Reduce vast expanses of empty wall with carefully positioned lighting such as twig lights or LED birch tree lights. Use these at different heights for some added warmth. You can also use lighting to show off quirky features in your barn.

barn wedding scotlandbarn wedding scotland
And there you have it, a recipe for transforming a barn into something wonderful. All you need to do now is enjoy your special day!

Lindsey / Get Knotted

rainbow club veils at arabesque

On the hunt for the perfect veil to complete your wedding day look? Look no further girls!
This stunning, British-made collection is now in stock at our favourite Bridal accessory emporium ARABESQUE.

Rainbow Club veils are produced by the Joyce Jackson factory in Wales who’s manufacturing heritage promises exceptional design, quality and British craftsmanship. They source only the finest Italian tulle and lace and have a specialist team who hand cut every veil so no machine will touch the delicate frills of you beloved heirloom piece.

From shoulder length to a full cathedral train, single or double tier, this collection has been designed for the modern bride who loves a bit of tradition.
Prices start from £55 up to £175.

rainbow club veils at arabesque

Drop the girls at ARABESQUE an email to find out more about heading in to try on these beauties.. so many styles to choose from – grab your Bridal gang and make a day of it! 

warehouse wedding inspiration

This is what happens when #teamTWC work together… CONFETTI + MAGIC.

The shoot was held at Glasgows one of a kind blank canvas space,  the Woodside Warehouse – home to our upcoming evening Bridal Market extravaganza in July.

The brief for this TWC inspo shoot was EASY-GOING BRIDE – simple styling + a relaxed cool-girl Bridal look.  Modern meets minimal meets slow-living style meets CONFETTI + COLOUR + CAREFREE VIBES. A Bride not afraid to be herself on her wedding day, injecting her own everyday personal style to her look + relaxed setting. Who says you need a theme? Don’t be scared to mix the things + looks you love – we all love relaxed kinfolk vibes – but hey we love ourselves some wild colour + crap-tons of confetti too. WHY NOT right?

Wedding fair glagsow

There’s nothing like an urban space + some gorgeous natural light to get our hearts thumping for some wedding funtimes.

Can’t wait to get our suppliers + their super powers under this roof in July – ready to meet all you creative loved up folks looking to plan modern and inspiring celebrations of love. Get on over to grab an earlybird ticket before they’re all snapped up! Then get your squad together – head on down for drinks, DJs, relaxed vibes and most importantly FUN when planning probably the biggest party you’ll ever throw. We’ll be brimming with inspiration. Think of us as the real-life Pinterest – but in Scotland. Seriously – we can make those wedding styling dreams happen.

warehouse wedding inspiration

Big ups to the power gals working with us on this shoot .. TEAM TWC 4 EVA. Look out for part 2 – the styling details coming your way very soon!

Lisa Devine Photography // Tupelo Tree // AMM wedding Hair and Make up // Woodside Warehouse

Will we ever get enough of these confetti shots? No!

warehouse wedding inspirationWedding fair glagsowWedding fair glagsow Wedding fair glagsowWedding fair glagsowWedding fair glagsow Wedding fair glagsow Wedding fair glagsow Wedding fair glagsowWedding fair glagsowWedding fair glagsow

creative wedding photography elopement

As weddings go… this is way up there.

Prepare for some heavy feels and serious wedding envy…..

Thanks to THE HENDRYS for sharing <3

creative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopement

The elopement of Michael and Etienne was a total pleasure to shoot, as we got to hang with this gorgeous couple and make the most of the beautiful surroundings of Positano with a few cups of freshly made lemonade thrown into the mix for good measure! The smiles and laughter throughout the day were totally infectious and the banter was unreal! Felt like we were chilling out with a couple of old buddies! Seriously one the the most lovely and laid back days we’ve been a part of so far…

creative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopementcreative wedding photography elopement

Check out The Hendrys profile HERE to see more of their work + get those contact details.. because we are all dreaming of booking those guys and planning an elopement in Italy right?!