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Brazen Studios

At Brazen we love beautiful jewellery. And creating beautiful jewellery and wedding rings is what we do best. Our name, by its very definition, means to be bold and brash, but also to clatter and ring out with the sounds of brass or metal. Which couldn’t be more appropriate. We are jewellery designers, makers and goldsmiths by trade. Our Glasgow studios are where we showcase our curated designers and handmake our bespoke jewellery pieces.  For us, the key ingredient is authenticity. We work with you on your ideas for wedding bands or jewellery and develop these through sketches, elevations and wax models. You are involved throughout the whole process. While the intrinsic properties of beautifully crafted jewellery is ever important, the main motivation is design, originality, craftsmanship and ensuring an enjoyable experience. You may choose beautiful plain bands or wish to express your individuality. Picking and designing your wedding rings is a very personal, individual process and we welcome to opportunity to talk with you more.