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Craig & Eva Sanders Photography

Ask Eva about her favourite zombie film or me about The Beatles and we’ll talk for hours, ask us to sell ourselves as photographers and suddenly we’re stumped for words. But here goes….

Basically, our mantra when it comes to photography is simple ‘keep it natural and keep it light.’

Working together we’ll photograph all the details you’ve spent months finding and the venues you searched high and low for. We’ll photograph the vows you wrote yourselves, the guests you loved being there to share your day and the family you couldn’t have done it without. We’ll photograph the speeches that hit the mark (and the ones that didn’t) right through to the crazy dancing or the soft-shoe shuffle. But it’s the shot of the glance over your shoulder or the one of you holding hands that’ll be your favourite. Unless you’ve got a dog there in a bow tie… that’s always everyone’s favourite heh heh!