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D’Urban Dining

D’Urban Dining was founded on two principles.

// Firstly that food should be beautiful and artistically created.
// Secondly that food is for more than just eating, but fuel for social occasions.

By combining these two thoughts d’Urban Dining provides delightfully delicious sustenance, allowing you to enjoy the experience of eating with your friends and family. Un-fussy, yet gorgeously hearty food. Our flexible approach means each event is considered individually, taking into account the client’s taste and personal aesthetic. Consequently, if you are getting married or throwing a pre-wedding party please do get in touch and we can spend time creating a bespoke menu for your event. When it comes to weddings, people can easily focus on making memories using sight (photos), sounds (reminiscing/videos), touch (husband/wife). All of these are marvelous things, but at d’Urban Dining we believe memories should be made with taste too.