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SIXPENNYBLUE make award winning, deliciously sweet, melt in the mouth Scottish Tablet. Tablet is a type of crumbly fudge, but better, even if we do say so ourselves! We cut our tablet in chunks or in cute little heart shapes which are just perfect as wedding favours. As well as the ever popular traditional Scottish vanilla flavour we offer an exciting range of mouth-watering flavours including white chocolate, malt whisky and whisky cream liqueur. Our traditional Scottish and whisky cream liqueur tablet flavours have been awarded Guild of Fine Foods Great Taste Gold Stars.

We can supply tablet unwrapped to serve with coffee, on you desert table, with the evening buffet or to package up yourself.  We also offer a tablet heart favours in various packaging options all with your choice of ribbon or twine and personalised tag which can be designed to tie in with your wedding theme and colours.

Mouth-watering? Order a sample of our delicious tablet on-line from our website www.sixpennyblue.com