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Laura Elizabeth Patrick

Hello, I’m Laura. I love to create bespoke calligraphy for brides who want to add that special and personal touch to their wedding, whether through the invitation suite or special touches to the day.

I’ve always been a bit of creative sort with a particular love of paper goods and ink. I grew up in awe of my aunt’s fountain pen writing, and cherished her hand-penned letters along with a set of calligraphy pens she gifted me.  Fast forward a good few years, and after dipping my toes in fashion, business and photography, I picked up the calligraphy pen and nib and instantly feel in love with a more organic approach to calligraphy. My style is very fluid and ever-evolving, and I have a variety of lettering styles.

When I’m not surrounded by ink and paper I’m usually taking photos, and take on a number of photography projects. I’m inspired by the world around me, the seasons, vintage antiques, old letters and gorgeous imagery.