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The Brahmin Lettering Co.

I’m Caitlin, and The Brahmin Lettering Co. is a modern wedding calligraphy and hand-lettered design studio. It’s named after my hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, home of the elegant Boston Brahmins.

Being classically trained by the Queen of Lovely Handwriting (my mum!), I specialise in pointed pen calligraphy and brush lettering. My style is unique, organic and modern in the sense that it defies the stuffy conventions of having to be “perfect”.

I believe that it’s the little handcrafted details and personal touches that make a wedding beautiful. From bespoke hand-lettered wedding invitations, to envelope addressing, place cards, signage, table plans and favours, I love working with couples to incorporate calligraphy into their weddings and to help create an event that is truly them.

Let’s make lovely letters together!
Caitlin x