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White Balloon Films

Stewart and I live and breath weddings.

Our biggest asset?  Us.  In the course of filming over 100 weddings, we have continually improved and honed our approach as a two-person, multiple-camera team.  As a married couple, we are two people, acting as one, synchronised and coordinated, capturing every special moment discretely while you are at your most natural.  Add to the mix state-of-the-art equipment and a generous helping of creativity and you have White Balloon Films.

4k ultra-HD filming, aerial videography, Hollywood-grade electronic stabiliser to produce shots yet to be seen in the world of wedding films…not sure what this all means? Don’t worry, we’ll talk you through it! Suffice to say we are excited…do get in touch! Scroll down to watch some of our films.

Alina & Stewart x