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We’re handing over to Maggie Mowbray Millinery to tell us how to dress that head with a classy hat that suits. GOLD ADVICE.

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One question I often get asked is which styles of hat or headpiece will suit?  Like any piece of clothing, hats and headpieces may not necessarily suit everybody the same, our face shape plays a huge part in design suitability.  However once you determine which styles will work with your features and not against, you will soon discover that you do actually suit hats and headpieces!

How to determine your face shape?  see http://maggiemowbraymillinery.co.uk/hat-fitting-guide/ for our guide!

Oval shaped faces.

wedding tips how to wear a hat

You will suit most hat and headpiece styles including large brimmed hats, should your height allow. Brims will look good either floppy or straight, Unless you are tall, brims should be equal to or narrower than your shoulders.  Famous oval face shapes are Kate Middleton & Charlize Theron.

Round shaped face.

wedding tips how to wear a hat

Irregular brims; hats worn at an angle or an angled brim and prominent or high crowns. Designs which have height or vertical detail, such as feathers will help to elongate your face.  Famous round face celebrities include Kate Bosworth & Cameron Diaz.

Rectangle shape face.

wedding tips how to wear a hat

If wearing a hat, opt for designs with full or wide brims but also look for uplifted brims.
Be sure to avoid wearing prominent or high crowns and hats with small brims as they will make your face appear longer. Examples of rectangle faces are Liv Tyler & Jade Jagger.

Square shape face.

wedding tips how to wear a hat

To make your face appear longer and to detract from the width, wear styles which have an irregular brim and preferably with a prominent crown will make your face appear longer.
Another tip is to wear your hat at an angle as this will soften your face.  Celebrities with square faces include Angeline Jolie & Jennifer Anniston.

Triangular shape face.

wedding tips how to wear a hat

Wear styles which add width at the forehead to balance your face shape. It is also more flattering to wear styles with asymmetric brims and high crowns or headpieces with height which will help to draw the eye upwards. Famous triangular face shapes include Victoria Beckham and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Heart shape face.

wedding tips how to wear a hat

The most flattering styles are designs with a prominent or large crown which will help make your forehead appear narrower.  However the crown shouldn’t be too large to prevent your chin looking narrower. Designs which can be worn on an angle are also great for this face shape.  Famous heart faces are Katie Holmes & Christina Ricci.

Diamond shape face.

wedding tips how to wear a hat

Choose designs with medium sized brims to avoid making your forehead or chin appear narrower.  Designs with side detail will help visually widen your forehead. Famous diamond face shape Scarlett Johansson.

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