Get down to the Woodside Warehouse after work on Thursday 13th Aug from 6pm to chat wedding & get a bit boozy with the creme de la creme of the Scottish wedding industry!

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In the spotlight this week ..  those super cayooooot cool gals at Scissorkick Design telling us how it all began, and what goes on in a typical Scissorkick day.  There’s talk of tea, puppies & rooftops. . . . and ORIGAMI BACKDROPS. Yes. Please.

Scissorkick Design

1/ business:
     you/your team:
Jen McFadzean and Laina Smith

2/ describe your workspace:
We love our workshop! It’s big and bright and airy and has plenty of floor space to spread out. We’ve got a massive steel shelving unit that has EVERYTHING on it, every colour of paper, tissue paper, tools, scissors in every size, samples of modules, shapes and paper pineapples. We’ve got a huge desk that we share; it’s the king size of desk. We’ve always got about five projects and several notebooks spread out on there. There’s also a great big window with a stunning view of trees, nothing like a blast of green to make you feel refreshed and inspired. On really nice (and very wind-free) days we work on the roof. Gotta get that vitamin D at any opportunity!

3/ where did it all begin?
It all began in The Belle on great western road over a pot of tea and a few too many caramel wafers. We spent all day whittling down ideas and playing with Laina’s dog Blake who was only a teeny puppy at the time.

4/ favourite work to date? 

My favourite project so far was a collaboration we did with photographer, Caro Weiss and Pyrus Florists. We all sat down and came up with a concept,  a date, booked a space and had a day of creativity. We built numerous sets and shot conceptual and editorial shots. If every day could be like that our job would be heaven, it was so much fun. We got to experiment and showcase some of our wearable origami. The end result is a beautiful collection of images and Caro took a time lapse video of the whole thing which you can find on our facebook.

5/ who/what inspires you?
We get inspired by geometric shapes, really great interiors, interesting colour combinations, nature, the summertime and sunshine, inspiration is everywhere.

6/ describe a typical day:

We’ll usually meet up quite early in town for supplies and coffee and then walk to the studio discussing the work we’ve got on. We’ll set to work on a few things, get some lunch (on the roof if Glasgow weather allows) experiment with new designs, listen to music, sometimes go for a walk to clear our heads and get another cup of coffee and usually we’ll be done by teatime where we’ll return to our other halves for dinner or we’ll just go to the pub! On install days it’s a whole different story. Every installation is different which is a lot of fun, we love seeing all our hard work come together to make someone’s special day even more unique and beautiful.

7/ where’s your favourite place to go? 

Our favourite place to go apart from the studio of course is “all that is coffee” at southblock. They make a mean coffee and we really love the space. It’s so clean and white and refreshing. We don’t really have a favourite night-time spot. Anywhere that sells margaritas or fun tropical cocktails, we’re easily pleased! You can also find us at Bier Halle where we’re a sucker for the 2-4-1 pizza. We LOVE pizza.

8/ favourite wedding venue:

My favourite venue to date has to be the Kinning Park Complex. It’s a really cool space, bright, with big rooms and gym-like floors. It’s an awesome backdrop for colourful decorations and it’s totally unique.

9/ best piece of advice you’ve ever been given:

It may be a cliche but… If life gives you lemons..


scissorkick design


If you’re ever needing an assistant girls…. I’d come and work for you!! Such fun & super super inspiring approach to some unique & creative wedding decor.  Those images from your collaboration with #teamGWCs Caro Weiss Photography & Pyrus are just AMAZING!  Can’t wait to see more….

If you’d like to chat further with the ladies about what paper creations they could design for your own wedding day – check out their Profile  over in the GWC Directory!  And follow on Instagram for some behind the scenes sneaks!



did you hear?!  we be throwing an after-work bridal market party this summer!

bridal market late

hohooooohoooo IT’S GOING TO BE A DOOZIE! A boozy doozie at that.  With a bar by Woodside Warehouse, Music from some of our GWC team members & Wedding Inspo in every nook from GWC supplier pals of every kind .. Photographers, Florists, Jewellery, Dresses, Stationers – all jazzed up and ready to chat wedding over a wee booze with you after work.

Market-style, summery vibes for a wee evening wedding-inspiration partaay. Grab your early bird tickets here now!

See y’all there!xc

Well. By jings. What can we say . . . another DOOZIE of a Bridal Market was had!  A couple of weekends ago, on Sunday May 3rd, a team of GWC super-suppliers gathered together under the roof of chilly old fish market turned arts space, The Briggait, to bring wedding-havers in Glasgow A BIG COLOURFUL & CREATIVE WEDDING INSPIRATION PARTY! And that they did. That they did.

Photographers & Papergoods & Flowers & Donuts & lady-DJs – it was a fun & cheerful Sunday, as ever, & TeamGWC pulled out all the stops …

Here’s a really good looking round up :-

Glasgow Wedding Fair - 22_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 43_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 63_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 47_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 48_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 04_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 45_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 01_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 64_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 58_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 12_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 10_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 51_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 59_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 05_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 15_1000pxGlasgow Wedding Fair - 46_1000px
Here’s to a merry Summer of wedding plans everyone!  We’re already looking forward to the Autumn Bridal Market – stay tuned to hear all about it!!

To read more about all of our super-suppliers – be sure to check out the Directory & have a good rummage around … everything you need to make an amazing, creative & unique wedding in scotland .. it’s all right here!

– Team GWC xx

wedding stationery scotland

This is the cutest & coolest idea for a paper proposal we have seen!  Tell your tale from the beginning… & end it with a ‘will you marry me’ surprise twist! UM… YES PLEASE?!

Super talented illustrator Laura Henderson can custom make & hand illustrate a completely bespoke design for you .. your own love&adventure story.

Check out her profile in our GWC Directory for contact details & to see more of Laura’s beautiful illustrations & wedding stationery designs!

Perfect anniversary gift too? (hint hint husband)

…. team gwc xx

(ps. how much would you love to witness someone reading one of these?! would be the sweetest thing!)