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Well, move over America!!!  Scotland now has the wedding venue that we have all been waiting for….. and it is an ‘industrial style’ CORKER.
We, at the GWC, are extremely merry, & overly excited, to introduce –


Opening for Summer ’15/’16 weddings, the warehouse, located in Glasgows West End, offers original rustic features & cracking natural light, in a space that is completely customisable –  with a variety of different rooms & areas available & absolutely endless styling possibilities… This place is the creative wedding venue that Scotland has been missing.

Wedding-havers out there looking for that cool, urban space that we have all seen & swooned over in America, & even England  –  Woodside Warehouse is it.  And is the only one of it’s kind & style in this country. Huzzah!!

So, away and get yourself a cup of tea – or a rum & coke if this is a celebratory moment for you 😉 – and gander at the first of the Woodside Warehouse inspiration shoots – It’s all about colour & contrast here … warm corals & cool lilacs against bare pipes & EXPOSED BRICK – the very thing of our wedding-backdrop-dreams…
(and um, all the Pinterest boards in wedding-land 😉

Big loves to those involved in this shoot:
Christopher Currie Photography . Jack Fleuriste . Cat Robertson . EYI Love . Big Bear BakeryGet Knotted . Butler & Taylor
Top GWC Team effort!

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For more info on any of the suppliers involved – head on over to the GWC Directory 🙂

Team GWC x

In the spotlight this week…

The crazy-lovely..


HEY THERE!  Let’s get the chat…
The Bygone Photobooth Company pioneer ‘Instant Nostalgia’ in Scotland!!
Hot off the press: A brand new Glasgow-based company have developed their own brand of nostalgia!
The Bygone Photobooth Company is the brainchild of young couple Joseph McAree and Stephanie Mortimer.
2/describe your workspace:
Our studio is your big day.
3/where did it all begin?
That question has an infinite range of answers.
I guess it all began several years ago when Joe and I first got together.
He was touring France/Germany and at that time was planning to move to France at the end of the tour.
We’d both fallen pretty hard for each other and midway through the tour he wrote me a letter to say he was coming home afterwards.  The letter had a beautiful wet chemical photostrip inside and I remember thinking how perfectly it had captured a pure moment. I loved it!!
From there I started tinkering with old cameras and we both tried to come up with a way of bringing back the magic of photography, when a photograph was a rare keepsake in a gentleman’s bill-fold.  Before selfies and social media.  Eventually we came up with the idea of combining old and new, The Bygone Photobooth Company was born.
4/whats your favourite work to date? wedding/image/piece.
Blitzed will always have a fond place in our hearts!!
The 1940’s club night with lashings of bunting, sandbags, a full brass band, gramophone DJ’s and more authentic 40’s clothing than in an old peoples home is always a beautiful step back in time.  Never has our brand of nostalgia been more perfectly complimented by it’s surroundings.
We love when we get the opportunity to create a truly bespoke package.  In this instance the Bygone scene was set with an oxblood chesterfield and a bunting backdrop.  Specially sourced props included authentic WWII helmets, WWII uniforms, WWII gas masks, WWII ration books, gramophones, WWII field phones and an Underwood style typewriter.
The next one is in SWG3 on June 28th, we plan to cause quite a hullabaloo!
5/who and what inspires you?
This is another question that has an infinite range of answers for me.
I feel inspired by people/things all the time.
My nephews, my nanna, my friends, Joe.
Joe would probably say Anatol Josepho.  He is credited as the inventor of the original coin-operated photobooth. He brought the photobooth to Broadway in 1925, it was a huge success and made photography a more affordable/less formal.
Whenever we consider new designs or aesthetic details we say “What would Anatol think?”
So I guess he’s a little involved with every decision The Bygone Photobooth Company make.
6/where are your favourite places to go when you are not working?
Being a somewhat old fashioned pair and a fan of making an occasion of every moment, I would have to say our favourite hang out is probably The Hidden Lane Tearoom.
Afternoon tea, vintage tea sets, more lashings of bunting, doilies, lace, gingham and floral prints galore.
The cakes are fantastic and the range of tea’s/tea cocktail’s make them connoisseurs of high tea!
It’s a vintage treasure.
We collaborate with the tearoom at their Vintage Hen Parties.  Where cup & saucers of fizz meet vintage makeovers and Bygone memories. We must tell you, we think it’s swell!!
7/best piece of advice you have ever been given?
“Don’t sit under the apple tree, with anyone else but me!!!”
The Andrews Sisters were so very wise!

Bygone Photo Booth


These guys are too cute.  Nevermind your wedding.. get them round to the house for a wee cuppa!

For more information and contact details for some old fashioned wedding fun by Bygone .. head on over to the Entertainment section of our Directory.

x #teamgwc

Award winning Scottish bridal accessories brand, Corrine Smith Design are holding an amazing one day sale offering 50% off their entire range to recognize their 10 years in business!

The one day extravaganza will take place on Wednesday 22nd January, where every item on the Corrine Smith Design website will be half price!  So if you have your eye on ‘Verity’ the ultimate statement headdress or if you are simply looking for a pair of earrings now is the time! Simply enter the code DECADE on Wednesday 22nd January to take advantage of this spectacular one time offer.

You can also meet Corrine & view more of her work & latest collection at our Feb 9th Wedding fair!

(More Info here.)

Scottish bridal accessories

Wedding cakes Glasgow 1a

Emily started Happyhills Cakes 5 years  ago – initially supplying cakes to high end restaurants and running a stall at Farmer’s Markets and more recently has been focusing on occasion & wedding cakes. She met chef Jade at the beginning of 2013 and found a likeminded ambition to create delicious and unusual cakes, they joined forces and the business has grown.

Wedding cakes Glasgow 1

Based in Scotland’s Craft Town West Kilbride, delivery for the cakes is in good striking distance for Glasgow and surrounding areas, and the west coast. ‘We love being by the sea, it’s really beautiful where we live, but equally are inspired by great architecture and cityscapes and hope that we can reflect all of these influences through our designs’

Emily and Jade are especially interested in contemporary and unusual designs, ‘Nothing makes us more excited than making truly one-off cakes. We usually meet the bride and groom for a tasting and discuss their story and tastes, we love the outcome to be really individual and reflects who they are, it’s especially inspiring when they are looking to think outside the box a little’. The taste of the cakes is extremely important, the cakes are decadent and handmade and are always a talking point at weddings. ‘Lemon & poppyseed is always very zesty and light for the summer and white chocolate and fresh raspberry has been especially popular for at least one of the tiers in cakes this year, and we’re looking forward to some of the richer flavours such as black forest coming in to their own this winter’.

Wedding cakes Glasgow 2

Loads of time goes into the cake, preparing a delicious and flawless base to the cakes before they are decorated is very important. From there almost anything is possible. ‘We love contemporary design and often look outwith the cake world for inspiration. Great colours and design can be found anywhere and there is so much inspiration to make cakes outside the normal constraints of a ‘wedding cake’’. Modelling in cake is another passion, special places, animals, hobbies can be represented as a classy sculpture rather than as a ‘novelty cake’. ‘This is an area not associated with weddings but there is scope to have a beautiful scene of a special place to the couple as a stunning wedding cake, or explore the idea of groom’s cakes to bring another dimension to the big day’.

Wedding cakes Glasgow 3

The most important thing is making the cake perfect, inside and out.

For more info & images of Happyhills Cakes head over to their GWC profile.