As days go… Last Sunday was a ruddy good one!

We donned our wedding fair hats, and set up shop at The Lighthouse for our May time Bridal Market and Wedding Showcase.

As always… With brides, grooms, families and pals a plenty, and our GWC suppliers on top form… It was one of the best fairs yet for sure! Yeah, so we say that every time…. but we MEAN it every time!
We can’t thank you all enough, both wedding-havers and exhibitors, for coming along and making the fair as fun and busy as it was.  It’s always a cracking way to spend a Sunday…. free booze and bakers giving away tasty stuff?  What’s not cracking about that?!  The atmosphere as usual, was jumping, the fun was rife, every supplier pulled out the big guns when styling their stand, making the space look incredible and the whole fair a JOY to look at.

Here’s the proof….

GWC FAIRIMG_0893IMG_0863IMG_0849IMG_0902IMG_0937IMG_0957IMG_0969IMG_0827IMG_0805IMG_0944IMG_1044IMG_1046IMG_1117IMG_0904IMG_1039IMG_0811IMG_0799IMG_0790IMG_1024IMG_1143IMG_1069IMG_1091IMG_1073IMG_0861IMG_1130IMG_0899IMG_0880IMG_0878IMG_0802IMG_0785IMG_0818IMG_0926IMG_1061IMG_1065IMG_1105IMG_1100

Images courtesy of Christopher Currie Photography.

Our handpicked suppliers really know how to put on a good party 😉

Everyone and everything you could possibly need to plan the biggest, merriest party of your life, you can find right here at The Glasgow Wedding Collective, and showcasing at our fairs. Each member as creative, and talented as the next.  They really are the cream of the crop.  The bigwigs in weddings.  The shiz.  Top dogs.  Etc etc.

Come along and see for yourselves at our next fair in September!  Details will be on our Facebook page soon.
But for now, check out our Directory for info on all of our members.

Loves y’all.



Hey all you new love birds!

So who’s getting hitched then?  Tell us all about it!

And then get your butts down to The Lighthouse on February 9th 2014 for our first Glasgow Wedding Fair of the year.  HUZZAH!

Glasgow Wedding Fair


It’s set to be a doozy.  With the best of the best (creme de la creme if you will) wedding suppliers in Scotland.  That’s right, the best in all the land. Did we mention its free?

From Florists to Photographers, Wedding Dressmakers & Stationers.  There’ll be music, bubbles, spangly gold decor all over the floor and loads of super cool, lovely people, eager to chat about all things wedding with your newly engaged, merry selves.

Head here for more info & check out our Handpicked Directory of lovely wedding suppliers here.

Hope to see you there!