Something different for y’all tonight!

Ever wondered what ‘A day in the life’ of a darn pretty jewellery maker would be like????
Wonder no more, nosey parkers.

The super-talented Eileen of Sugar8 made this rather fetching film of oor lovely jewel-genius, Alison Macleod – from home to studio ….

A Day in the Life from Eileen Dunn on Vimeo.

What a cool lady making such very cool things.

To read more about Alison and see some of her work – head on over to her spot in the Directory!
And to see more films made by the talent that is Eileen – Go gander at Sugar8 Wedding Films profile too!

Team GWC

In the GWC Spotlight today … a super raaaaad picture-taking lady …


Let’s hear from the lovely lady herself:


1/ business: Solen Photography
     you/your team: me (Solen), sometimes Alix (
     where: based in Edinburgh, work in Scotland or anywhere!


2/ describe your workspace:
I work from our (me, Dan and our little boy) wee house by Portobello in Edinburgh. It’s a lovely place to live and work.  We can see the sea from our garden and the view is different every day. The light is amazing. My workspace is full of old fashion magazines, photography books, a bunch of toy cameras that I always mean to use more regularly and usually our wee boy and his toys.


 3/ where did it all begin?
My grandfather (I called him Pepe) had a collection of film cameras that I was obsessed with as a kid. I loved looking at all his old photos. I also love mucking about with Lomo cameras. When I got a digital SLR I got really frustrated that I didn’t know how to use it properly so went to an evening class…which lead to a part-time college course…which lead to a full time course…which lead to me quitting my job as a gig booker and now I work full time for myself. It’s ace.


 4/ favourite work to date?
I’m in love with a recent elopement in the Highlands that I shot for a lovely Californian couple, I’m currently editing it and they are so happy, it puts a massive smile on my face.  They brought 5 friends and family and got married in the grounds of an old mill cottage in a humanist hand fasting, it is beautiful. For sentimental reasons shooting my oldest and dearest friend’s wedding is also a favourite. It was one of the first weddings I shot on my own having assisted and been 2nd shooter for a few great established photographers while studying. We got some lovely photos on the day (I was super nervous) and did a really fun portrait session near to where I now live so for many different reasons it means lots to me.


 5/ who/what inspires you?
 I love New York street photographers like Joel Meyerowitz, Garry Winogrand and Lee Friedlander.  I’m obsessed with Wes Anderson films.  I spend a ridiculous amount of time and money pouring over fashion magazines like Another, Love, Pop, ID, Vogue…there are so many!


 6/ describe a typical day:
I’ll either be out and about shooting, doing a recce and meeting people or trying to figure out how to juggle editing, blogging, admin and being a mum! There aren’t really 2 days alike at the moment which is great, keeps it interesting!


 7/ where’s your favourite place to go?
Locally I love Porty beach, The Skylark for food, drinks and a good bit of quiz (…i did a fashion shoot in there once), yummy tapas restaurant called Malvarosa (, Victorian Swimming baths (I’ve even done a shoot in there too!), there are some lovely shops too like Friday Street antiques( , yummy healthy food at Earthy (, Molly Sugars vintage clothes(, Cove which sells gifts and toys and lots of local artists’ work ( )and Velvet Easel Gallery (


 8/ favourite wedding venue:
I don’t have one favourite venue. I love shooting weddings in venues with lots of beautiful natural light or even better outside ( I probably live in the wrong place for that!). Somewhere that has personal significance to the couple is always great to shoot.  I do really love shooting the getting ready bits. I find there are always such lovely emotional moments and it’s usually either nervy and a bit frantic or the quiet before the storm! I’ve got an amazing mix of venues to shoot in and around this year from ruins and farms to venues like Cottiers and even a greenhouse full of cacti!


 9/ best piece of advice you’ve ever been given:
Learn and then do it your own way.






Aye!  And we are super glad that this girl took that advice!!




To see some more of Solens work, and get her contact details (you know you wan’em!!) – head over to the Photography section in our GWC Directory


Team GWC x

As days go… Last Sunday was a ruddy good one!

We donned our wedding fair hats, and set up shop at The Lighthouse for our May time Bridal Market and Wedding Showcase.

As always… With brides, grooms, families and pals a plenty, and our GWC suppliers on top form… It was one of the best fairs yet for sure! Yeah, so we say that every time…. but we MEAN it every time!
We can’t thank you all enough, both wedding-havers and exhibitors, for coming along and making the fair as fun and busy as it was.  It’s always a cracking way to spend a Sunday…. free booze and bakers giving away tasty stuff?  What’s not cracking about that?!  The atmosphere as usual, was jumping, the fun was rife, every supplier pulled out the big guns when styling their stand, making the space look incredible and the whole fair a JOY to look at.

Here’s the proof….

GWC FAIRIMG_0893IMG_0863IMG_0849IMG_0902IMG_0937IMG_0957IMG_0969IMG_0827IMG_0805IMG_0944IMG_1044IMG_1046IMG_1117IMG_0904IMG_1039IMG_0811IMG_0799IMG_0790IMG_1024IMG_1143IMG_1069IMG_1091IMG_1073IMG_0861IMG_1130IMG_0899IMG_0880IMG_0878IMG_0802IMG_0785IMG_0818IMG_0926IMG_1061IMG_1065IMG_1105IMG_1100

Images courtesy of Christopher Currie Photography.

Our handpicked suppliers really know how to put on a good party 😉

Everyone and everything you could possibly need to plan the biggest, merriest party of your life, you can find right here at The Glasgow Wedding Collective, and showcasing at our fairs. Each member as creative, and talented as the next.  They really are the cream of the crop.  The bigwigs in weddings.  The shiz.  Top dogs.  Etc etc.

Come along and see for yourselves at our next fair in September!  Details will be on our Facebook page soon.
But for now, check out our Directory for info on all of our members.

Loves y’all.



It’s just around the corner & we’ll be announcing very soon & list of exhibitors for this gorgeous bridal showcase. Expect FREE COCKTAILS, FREE ENTRY & a handpicked selection of the finest wedding dresses, cakes, stationers, photographers, florists, shoes, jewellery, rings & a new to the market Slow Motion film booth (you gotta try this!),  The Easy Orchestra, fiddlers, pianists, LOOKLOOK Photobooth & free workshop’s by Love Vintage Events!

Our curated selection of suppliers have also collaborated to create a whole floor of styled tables for inspiration in the beautiful lofty spaces of The Lighthouse, Glasgow.

Wedding Fair Glasgow