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Y’know what wedding trend is DEFINITELY + deservedly going to carry on into 2017-18?!


Oh yes, foliage is here to stay + that’s the best wedding trend news you’ve heard all year AM I RIGHT?!
That sleek, minimal, kinfolk-esque styling is not going out of fashion anytime soon when it comes to wedding decor + botanicals, and if that’s still your jive, the #teamTWC Suppliers got you covered!
From Florists specialising in lush greens, Stationers creating slick simple paper goods to compliment those tropical feels, Event Planners who thrive on that Scandi-vibe or Photographers who drool at the thought of a plant-filled space as a backdrop for all those dream shots… our talented gang of wedding gurus are exactly who you want on your team if you are crushing on the inspo above.

We know we are going to see a ton of killer styling at our TWC market tomorrow .. swing by The Glue Factory from 11am to chat about designing your dream Kinfolk inspired wedding space + get the right folks for the job while you are at it! Open until 3, tickets available on the door…

[ pinterest inspiration above from green wedding shoes / bash please / almost makes perfect / oh joy / once wed / alicia galer / teamTWC ]

WELL GUYS THE END OF 2016 IS NEAR!!!! Who doesn’t love the clean slate of a new year + looking forward to all thats a-comin’?!

We’ve been chatting a lot recently about wedding trends and how the wedding industry can be slow on the uptake with integrating modern styles. But with the birth of high-street wedding dresses and quick access to online fashion + stores, we think there’s a change afoot! You creative lot are much more keen to marry your daily style into your wedding celebrations, so with that in mind, here’s our take, our edit, on the fashion trends in 2017 you’ll see sneaking their way into your 2017-18 plans!


Inspired by the street styles of London, NYC and those stylish Scandinavians. Think tone on tone layering and mixed textures. Keys pieces: sheer tee‘s & polo necks paired with spaghetti or chunky pinafore straps.

wedding trends 2017

• S H E E R

Sexing it up in a modern & stylish way. Adding an element of sheer, softens the silhouette , adds an element of intrigue – it can be girlish with an underwear undertone, a big fat dose of diluted colour or an understated way to play with texture, pattern & volume.

• A U T H E N T I C

The trend of no trend! Styling that comes from the heart will always be in fashion but this time round its all about shaking what your mama gave you. Showcasing the skin you’re in. This plays across so many parts of wedding style – going for hand-written notes rather than contrived graphics, playing that weird depressing music you love instead of the top 40, choosing a vegan menu, having a menu mostly made of pies, having no menu at all and just serving tequila. Get all your pals involved with a huge bridal party gang or focus on a bit of solo self love. Get married in a huge fuck-off dress in your local wetherspoons on curry night if you want. Wedding celebrations have never been more alternative than they are right now – now is the time to embrace it.

wedding trends 2017

• R U F F L E S

Ruffles 2 ways! Layer upon layer of total fluff & texture or bold ruffle details. Mix with a white or pastel palette & a sequin crust. Keys pieces: ruffled bell sleeves & cuffs, full length tiered ruffles.

wedding trends 2017

• P A T T E R N

A great way to add detail and modernise a classic pale palette. Fantastical florals and bold stripes get our vote! Creating pattern with 3d appliqué. Mix with a nude or block colour or pair pattern on pattern for the brave. (hello clash n’ match bridesmaids!)

wedding trends 2017

• S U I T 

Trousers for the ladies. A feminine tux that’s sleek & sexy or a slouchy pyjama number. Either way its the best power play. Mix n’ match textures – velvet, silk, wool but keep it a strong look head to toe with played down hair & beauty.

wedding trends 2017

• L E N G T H S

Return of the vintage lengths with a fresh twist… Maybe a fluffy circle midi with a strong personality shoe? A bold 60s mini with a fussy top. For 2 pieces, match the big & bold with the sleek & simple.

wedding trends 2017

• M A X I M A L I S M

This one is all about the show-stopping. Big & Bold that says hey if I cant wear this on my wedding day, when can I wear it?!

wedding trends 2017

Thank you to the wonders of Pinterest for allowing access to all these beautiful images. For all the sources head to our Pin Boards!

We can’t wait to see how all you creative couples bring some personal style into your celebrations this year!
Go wild.









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Warm and merry 2016 welcomes to one our newest #teamTWC members  –  BESPOKE CATERING.

Check out their Profile in our Directory HERE
The images say it all.  Y U M.  Simple, quality ingredients – these guys don’t believe in papping out any old food to just fill your stomach, NOPE, from carefully sourcing the produce, right through to the modern, clean presentation of the dishes.  We are super excited to have this team on board The Wedding Collective!

We got the chance to try some dishes in person at our Bridal Market in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago – blog post on this to follow soon! – and all we can say is GET IN TOUCH WITH THESE CATERERS! A lot of fun to work alongside & super super good at what they do.

(ps. also: their COCKTAILS … yes please. all day)

Happy Winter-time to you all.
We’re back with our Supplier Spotlight Series finally!​  And first up is the newest Florist to join The Wedding Collective ranks…


Let’s hear it from the lovely Natasha – to be found with tea and biscuits at all times it seems…

1/ business:
  Tupelo Tree Garden
you: Natasha
 Central Scotland

2/ describe your workspace:

My workspace is my home, I have a cosy wee room with a big desk, lots of floor space and a cupboard filled with wire, scissors, ribbon, boxes – you name it i’ve got it! I spend most of my ‘online’ time in my living room overlooking the fields and occasional deer jumping around. Wherever my workspace is however, I will always find snacks to hand 🙂

3/ where did it all begin?

Would you believe, i applied for a floristry job whilst drinking too much wine!! Its a funny mr bean type story of how I got the job but as soon as I started, I fell in love quickly and my mind started expanding with flower names, techniques, possibilities and colours. I worked there a while but felt very stunted in working for someone else so gradually started to take on my own weddings and eventually went full time with Tupelo Tree Garden, and I’ve been the happiest version of me ever since!

4/ favourite work to date?
Favourite wedding to date is most definitely Ilse & Omar’s wedding up in the hills of Aberfeldy this August, in a teepee overlooking the Schiehallion hills. They wanted a mass of pastel peaches and green shades all around and so so many succulent plants! It looked stunning.

5/ who/what inspires you?

The great outdoors! My inspiration comes from many places, I follow and read a lot of blogs online and I’m more so inspired by photographers images of nature and trees. But most of my ideas and inspiration stems from the Scottish woodlands, tall trees and wild flowers. They make me want to create.

6/ describe a typical day:

A typical day with Tupelo Tree Garden involves taking my basket, a small flask of tea, my pocket handbook of Scottish wildflowers and going on a wander to see what I learn and find. I like to know medicinal uses of local flowers too. Then I will do some online work, if I’m creating arrangements for weddings or photoshoots, you’ll most likely find me in the garden picking flowers and bits of trees for wild bouquets or garlands… Without a doubt, I will always have a cup of early grey tea and too many biscuits nearby. If I have time after designing, I will do some blogging and research – always looking for new projects. At this time of year when wedding season is almost over I like to plan for collaborative photoshoots with artists, photographers and designers. Then more tea.

7/ where’s your favourite place to go?
The botanical gardens in Edinburgh – there is a Tupelo Tree growing in the gardens I like to visit 🙂 I really enjoy seeing what is growing throughout the year to better my knowledge on flowers and seasons, and know how to use them. The botanics is awesome for letting me do this. I’m also in love with the store in Edinburgh, Anthropologie! I can loose myself in the amount of crazy detail and beautiful themes everywhere, my perfect day involved arranging something into an Anthropologie mug or bowl!

8/ favourite wedding venue:

Not a venue, but the outdoors, in a peaceful woodland ceremony or teepee somewhere in the woods!

9/ best piece of advice you’ve ever been given:

Enjoy the little things. When all the ‘big’ things don’t go right or things are stressful or you’re tight with money, enjoy all the little things – the amazing stretch when you wake up, watching a leaf fall, watching someone talking, enjoying a new bar of soap…. really little things, but appreciating them has made me appreciate everything else better.

tupelo tree garden

Watch out for an upcoming shoot featuring Tupelo Tree Garden florals on the blog soon.. a shoot which has already been shared on VOGUE ITALIA! What?! Yes. Vogue.
Coming soon….

Meanwhile to see more from Tupelo Tree Garden and get Natashas contact details, check out her Profile in our Directory!