Happy Winter-time to you all.
We’re back with our Supplier Spotlight Series finally!​  And first up is the newest Florist to join The Wedding Collective ranks…


Let’s hear it from the lovely Natasha – to be found with tea and biscuits at all times it seems…

1/ business:
  Tupelo Tree Garden
you: Natasha
 Central Scotland

2/ describe your workspace:

My workspace is my home, I have a cosy wee room with a big desk, lots of floor space and a cupboard filled with wire, scissors, ribbon, boxes – you name it i’ve got it! I spend most of my ‘online’ time in my living room overlooking the fields and occasional deer jumping around. Wherever my workspace is however, I will always find snacks to hand 🙂

3/ where did it all begin?

Would you believe, i applied for a floristry job whilst drinking too much wine!! Its a funny mr bean type story of how I got the job but as soon as I started, I fell in love quickly and my mind started expanding with flower names, techniques, possibilities and colours. I worked there a while but felt very stunted in working for someone else so gradually started to take on my own weddings and eventually went full time with Tupelo Tree Garden, and I’ve been the happiest version of me ever since!

4/ favourite work to date?
Favourite wedding to date is most definitely Ilse & Omar’s wedding up in the hills of Aberfeldy this August, in a teepee overlooking the Schiehallion hills. They wanted a mass of pastel peaches and green shades all around and so so many succulent plants! It looked stunning.

5/ who/what inspires you?

The great outdoors! My inspiration comes from many places, I follow and read a lot of blogs online and I’m more so inspired by photographers images of nature and trees. But most of my ideas and inspiration stems from the Scottish woodlands, tall trees and wild flowers. They make me want to create.

6/ describe a typical day:

A typical day with Tupelo Tree Garden involves taking my basket, a small flask of tea, my pocket handbook of Scottish wildflowers and going on a wander to see what I learn and find. I like to know medicinal uses of local flowers too. Then I will do some online work, if I’m creating arrangements for weddings or photoshoots, you’ll most likely find me in the garden picking flowers and bits of trees for wild bouquets or garlands… Without a doubt, I will always have a cup of early grey tea and too many biscuits nearby. If I have time after designing, I will do some blogging and research – always looking for new projects. At this time of year when wedding season is almost over I like to plan for collaborative photoshoots with artists, photographers and designers. Then more tea.

7/ where’s your favourite place to go?
The botanical gardens in Edinburgh – there is a Tupelo Tree growing in the gardens I like to visit 🙂 I really enjoy seeing what is growing throughout the year to better my knowledge on flowers and seasons, and know how to use them. The botanics is awesome for letting me do this. I’m also in love with the store in Edinburgh, Anthropologie! I can loose myself in the amount of crazy detail and beautiful themes everywhere, my perfect day involved arranging something into an Anthropologie mug or bowl!

8/ favourite wedding venue:

Not a venue, but the outdoors, in a peaceful woodland ceremony or teepee somewhere in the woods!

9/ best piece of advice you’ve ever been given:

Enjoy the little things. When all the ‘big’ things don’t go right or things are stressful or you’re tight with money, enjoy all the little things – the amazing stretch when you wake up, watching a leaf fall, watching someone talking, enjoying a new bar of soap…. really little things, but appreciating them has made me appreciate everything else better.

tupelo tree garden

Watch out for an upcoming shoot featuring Tupelo Tree Garden florals on the blog soon.. a shoot which has already been shared on VOGUE ITALIA! What?! Yes. Vogue.
Coming soon….

Meanwhile to see more from Tupelo Tree Garden and get Natashas contact details, check out her Profile in our Directory!

wedding inspiration
“The sun shone high those few summer days
Left us in a soft, wide-eyed haze
It shone like gold…”

That’s what this styled inspiration shoot has me singing … Stay Gold… It is VERY dreamy.

We’re so happy to be sharing these beautiful images from a top #TeamTWC collaboration ..

/ Eva of Craig and Eva Sanders Photography / florals by Myrtle & Bracken / Hair & Makeup Styling by Asteria Bridal /

Let’s hear from the lady behind the concept & the camera ..

Inspired by my favourite photographers Paolo Roversi and Sarah Moon, I decided to arrange an inspiration shoot and invited some amazing vendors to get involved. Myrtle & Bracken, Asteria Bridal, Opus Atelier, Ellie Keating (Miss Scotland 2014) and I got together at my studio in Ayrshire to try something a bit edgier than my usual style of wedding photography, and this is the result. I used darker backgrounds and a smoke machine and tried new things at the editing stage to end up with some of my favourite photographs that I’ve ever taken!

Flower crowns have been extremely popular lately so I asked Di at Myrtle & Bracken if she could come up with something a little different, the next flower crown, and she didn’t disappoint! Asteria Bridal provided some fantastic hair and make up as always, Sharon at Opus Atelier gave us a couple of the most stunning dresses to use, and I couldn’t have asked for a better model!

And below from the lovely lady suppliers involved – bravo to you all! Beautiful.

We are being asked more and more to provide alternatives to the traditional bridal bouquet, and wearable flowers are the perfect accessory. A floral collar or cuff, can change your look from daytime to evening and we were thrilled to create the floral mask! We toned in the flowers with Asteria’s beautiful make up in gold and copper hues for a rich, decadent look with some seasonal rusty pinks to compliment Ellie’s skin.
– DI [Myrtle&Bracken]

As soon as I knew Ellie  was going to be our model for the shoot, I had a rough idea of the make up style I wanted to create. With any bridal shoot I think it’s important to create a beautiful, wearable make up, and I’m not overly keen on high drama make up – especially when there are so many other elements to consider (hair, dresses, styling etc.) – I’m a firm believer that less is more. Ellie has the most amazing blue eyes and blonde hair, so my intention was to create a make up that would enhance without overshadowing her natural beauty. I took some inspiration from an image that I found online where gold leaf was used, although I wanted something less obvious, so when I discovered copper leaf I was thrilled. The orange undertones of the copper contrasted so nicely with Ellie’s blue eyes, while providing a warm tone, which is the most flattering for blondes. I started with a really wearable make up look – flawless skin with a soft contour and peach-toned blush, a bronze-toned eye,contoured to give depth but highlighted with a pressed loose golden peach coloured pigment on the mobile lid, lots of individual lashes and a peach-toned nude lip. This initial make up provided a perfect starting point, and it was a 5 minute job to change the whole look with the addition of the copper foil. I deliberately positioned the foil to follow the higher points of Ellie’s face – this is flattering and also allowed for maximum impact as it’s where the light would hit & reflect. Pamela and I couldn’t have been happier with the resulting images, we absolutely loved working with Eva, Ellie & Di.
– JENNIFER [Asteria Bridal]

I was so happy to be able to style Ellie’s gorgeous long locks again.  I have been dying to showcase a really big exaggerated rope braid and her hair colour works perfectly with this.  Lots of brides have shown me similar styles – I felt this bridal shoot was the perfect opportunity to create this style and to highlight how perfectly Asteria hair and make up work together.  We had a bit of a brainstorm at the beginning of the shoot and I wanted to make sure one hair style complimented the beautiful oversized floral collar that Diane had made.  I created a faux bob which worked brilliantly with the flowers.  The next style was a simple horizontal roll which I used the fabulous copper leaf on – to pull the hair and make up into one cohesive look.  Lastly I let Ellie’s hair down and loose, adding some texture for a relaxed soft focused shot.
– PAMELA [Asteria Bridal]

See more from this shoot over on Craig and Eva Sanders Photography blog here ..


so we asked our flowery pals what floral trends they are loving at the moment .. and here’s what they had to say, along with one of their favourite seasonal bouquets :

H E D G E R O W  //  L U S H  S P R I N G  B O U Q U E T S.

Hedgerow Bouquet Image 1_1000px

This bouquet is full of lots of texture and muted colours. It was inspired by Dutch master paintings.

I H E A R T  F L O W E R S  //  L O O S E  U N S T R U C T U R E D  J E W E L-T O N E D  B O U Q U E T S

i heart flowers

Rebecca asked for a large, chunky and loose, unstructured hand tied bouquet. When I met Rebecca it was clear from her beautifully decorated home that she loved jewel colours, so we incorporated lots of rich reds, purples and blues into the flowers along with a hint of mustard yellow and lime green for high contrast. We bound with chartreuse velvet to tie in with the jewel tones, and to give a lovely luxurious finish. We kept the style really loose and natural, with lots of big shapes and textures for autumnal impact.
(image by Christopher Currie Photography)

L I T T L E  B O T A N I C A  //  B O H O  E C L E C T I C  P E T I T E  B O U Q U E T S

Little Botanica bouquet_1000px
This day-dreamy bouquet represents a move towards the cooler and softer side of the colour spectrum. Peony, lavender, sweet pea and scabisoa create an eclectic mix of understated brights, pale pastels and natural neutrals. Petite in size it is the perfect pretty, delicate and feminie bouquet for a summer boho-chic wedding.

S P A R R O W & R O S E  //  F R E S H  W I L D + U N D E R S T A T E D

I love this bouquet – loose & wild with a handpicked feel. The colours are perfect for this time of year.
(image by The Kitcheners)

J A C K  F L E U R I S T E  //  P A S T E L S + B R I G H T S

wedding flowers
Spring is the perfect time for using colourful and scented flowers, from soft pastels to bold brights, I think just about any colour palette is possible.  This bouquet includes some of my Spring favorites – Lilac, Soloman’s Seal and Daffodils.

P Y R U S  //  E T H E R E A L  A V A N T G A R D E  B O U Q U E T S

View More: http://orangephotographie.pass.us/pyrus

We are often given open briefs by our brides who want us to be as creative and original as possible.  The PYRUS ethos is to use as much locally grown and foraged material as possible and we embrace all natural elements in our work, not just botanicals.  We have recently begun learning to taxidermy and the delicate, ethereal beauty of bird wings adds a surprising edginess and touch of the avant garde to a bridal bouquet.
(image by Orange Photographie)

T H R E E  I S L E S  D E S I G N S  //   V I N T A G E  I N S P I R E D  D U S K Y  B O U Q U E T S

Nick_Skye146_1000pxI loved using the dusky blue alongside the vintage purple flowers for this bouquet. Using silk & artificial flowers gives me the scope to include unique colours. This bouquet was very special as it was for my sister’s wedding last November.

F L O R A L  M E N A G E R I E  //  W H I M S I C A L  + W I L D

Floral Menagerie Bouquet 1_1000px
Spearheaded flowers and foliage appear to spring out from a central focal point, drawing the eye and at the same time blurring the edges, so to speak. This style of bouquet would suit Brides looking for wild and whimsical flowers that are comfortable to hold and look just as fantastic perched on their own as they do held in front of the perfect dress.

O W W W W W  you guys – We love them all!  Check out more of each florists work over in the GWC Directory.

team gwc x