This week we are hosting our Summer wedding Market – the LATE edition (buy tkts here) – and it’s set to be as creative, inspiring + fun as ever with a crazy line up, boozy welcomes + those glaswegian lady legend DJs Pretty Ugly providing our Summer soundtrack.

AMM TEAM + JACK FLEURISTE are hosting a Pop Up Hair + Floral Styling Bar offering free beauty trials with on the spot flower creations to try out with your hair do..

And  C A R V E  will be hosting a live demo showcasing their ring carving workshop .. a perfect Hen Do or pre-wedding party idea – Hey you could totally carve your own wedding rings?
Here’s Jenni to tell you more……

CARVE is a pop-up jewellery workshop.

wedding market
We give you a piece of blank jewellers wax, and teach you all the tips, tricks and nifty things you can do with your wax to turn it into a completely bespoke, one-of-a-kind original ring. Then we take your wax away, cast it into solid silver, clean it up by hand in our Glasgow-based studio, and send it back to adorn your finger, forever. Our classes draw out your inner creativity (trust us, it’s in everyone), combining it with our jewellery know-how, so you can create a ring completely unique to you.

Want to CARVE your own wedding bands? We can definitely help. We provide a hamper of treats, bubbly, and the expertise to guide you to your dream, unique ring.

But where we really shine is for your pre-wedding parties: hens, stags, hags, whatever it is you’re having. For groups, we supply the jewellers wax, tools, optional cake, fizz and a venue (or we can come to you) and show you all how to carve the wax and create a bespoke, one-off ring. The workshop lasts two hours and you will be guided with expert tuition to help you achieve your ideas.

make your own wedding ring scotlandmake your own wedding ring scotlandwedding marketwedding marketmake your own wedding ring scotland

We just can’t put into words the fun and hilarity that happens during a CARVE party. So, we’re going to show you! We’re running a mini-hen during the fantastic Bridal Market Late this Thursday at the Lighthouse in Glasgow. We’ve got a real-life bride (and some stand-in hens and stags) so you can peek into a CARVE party all voyeuristic-like and see if it’s for you. Check out a bit about our process, see how your ring will be turned into solid silver and sent back to you, and have a chat with us about how we can cater for your party.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Tkts available HERE at early bird price or on the door Thursday night!



GUEST POST >>>>> Hello Arrow + Twine!

Following on from our office crystal ball 2017 WEDDING TRENDS predictions for Fashions + Style .. ARROW + TWINE curated some of their favourite wedding trends for this year + next in Styling + Decor. The images these guys pulled together for us made for some seriously stylish mood board making! To see their full edit + get links to all the images – check out our Pinterest board!

Table settings, backdrops + ceremony decor .. These ideas are just a hint at the kind of inspiration you can expect from hiring this team as your wedding decor gurus …


2 0 1 7 // R U S T I C  O P U L E N C E

wedding trends
The rustic trend is set to continue in 2017 + beyond, but with one major difference: scale. Rural vibes and countryside influence will still be evident, but everything will be amplified. // Key elements to watch: wild flowers (and more of them), full table decor, neutral colour palette with darker undertones, sultry photography, reclaimed wood / heavy duty furniture decor, local produce featuring in gourmet grazing stations, and more outdoor venues; tipis, forests, farms.

2 0 1 7 // M I N I M A L I S T  G R E E N E R Y

wedding trends
Relaxed foliage with a modern edge has been growing in popularity, and Pantone’s announcement of Greenery (15-0343) as colour of the year will only help this trend grow in popularity in 2017. // Key elements to watch: green foliage, simple yet high-end styling as a must, sleek lines (think geometric shapes), white as the overriding colour, metalics, perspex menus with modern calligraphy, industrial and modern venues such as warehouses and restaurants, a relaxed atmosphere.


2 0 1 7 // N U D E S + N E U T R A L S

wedding trends

Nudes and neutrals can work on their own, or combined with bursts of warmer colours. There is a feeling of elegance with this trend: think luxurious and feminine. // Key elements to watch: neutral colour palettes, elegant decor and styling, traditional blooms and large bouquets, blush wedding dresses, handwritten calligraphy stationery, softer boho influences, works across most venues.


Who plans to incorporate some of these trends in their wedding styling then?
If you’re needing the wizardry touch from the Arrow + Twine team .. Head over to their Profile HERE to get in touch!


GUEST POST > > > Hello Rachel Paper Arrow Press! Take it awa’ ..

wedding rebel

I’ve lost count of the number of times in the 5ish years since I started Paper Arrow Press and was plunged into the wonderful world of weddings that I’ve seen this venue or that dress and thought ‘if I were getting married again…’. These days anything goes when you get married. There are so many brilliant businesses offering alternative options for your wedding. Don’t believe me? Just look at the The Wedding Collective DIRECTORY, it is overflowing with creativity and originality.

On the flip side I also find myself thinking I’ve had a lucky escape from the pressure to plan the alternative wedding of my dreams – I’m not sure it would have gone down all that well with my tribe of fairly traditional relatives. And maybe I’m not really brave enough to wear an emerald green wedding dress anyway, planning the simple wedding we had was stressful enough…

So, if you want to dodge the meringue but are getting the fear about telling your mum…  I’ve had a think about some sneaky, non-scary ways to let your inner wedding rebel rip without falling out with your great auntie Pam.

10 non-scary ways to rebel on your wedding day:

  1. Rewrite traditions – One of the trickier things about a wedding is that it can all feel a little – ummm – not very feminist, so take a long hard look at your vows, maybe don’t get ‘given away’ and/or get the women to give speeches too.

    wedding rebel
  2. Rebel playlist – Music is the medium for all the best rebels to express themselves – so if a full evening of Father John Misty is your dream wedding soundtrack, knock yourself out, then break up the night with a few sets that will get different guests up on the dance floor for a few songs.
  3. Not that bothered about champagne? Serve gin instead! Obviously…wedding rebelwedding rebel
  4. Stay flexible – Adding accessories which you can swap in or take off through the day (hello leather jacket!) is a great non-scary way to rebel. If you’re not feeling brave just take it off, (but who’s not going to feel brave in a wedding dress and biker jacket ensemble?!)
  5. Location location – I think this is a tricky one. I am crazy for those urban warehouse spaces with their blank canvas potential but it can be hard to imagine your family members congregated in one. Consider opting for a multi-location wedding with the dream warehouse for your reception preceded by a more traditional ceremony or search for a blank canvas in a more low key venue and add your own unusual touches.
    PRO TIP: Super wedding stylist Toria at Arrow and Twine suggests doing away with the traditional table plan on an easel in favour of a hanging installation (see her website for more ideas)
  6. Keep a sense of humour – Tiny touches of comedy can go along way to take the edge of the old fashioned vibes of a wedding. Get a bit cheeky with your table names. See the list I wrote here) for inspiration 😉
  7. Relaxed refreshments – Serve food on large sharing platters for your guests to pass around if a three course meal is just too old fashioned for you!wedding rebel
  8. Colour flash – Gone are the days of the pastel pink wedding, any colour goes. If the 13 year old disco queen in you is too nervous to go all out with an orange sequin gown – do it with tiny details; bold coloured shoes and dark nails, or HUGE jewellery. Because why the F not? And if your the type of guy who wants to be himself on his big day and his ‘self’ usually jazzes right up or doesn’t fancy feeling like an inverted commas Groom – then go wild! Colour, pattern, suits, ties, shoes .. Hey, it’s your day too right? (Check out our GROOM STYLE post for some inspo)
    PRO TIP: Lovely Rosie of Brolly Bucket suggests taking it a step further hiring bright brollies that colour clash with your shoes or socks! wedding rebel
  9. Don’t take the veil – If wearing a piece of net on your head is not for you there are so many other options and if you don’t want to put anything on your head, well…don’t! 😉
  10. Ch ch changes – If you know your family is desperate to see you float down the aisle in a traditional dress choose a second one and change for the evening. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just one you want to party in!

GO ON. REBEL (even a wee bit)


THANKS RACHEL!! top tips for some subtle rebellion. we love it!

About the AUTHOR:

Paper Arrow Press design modern, personalised and bespoke wedding invitations and stationery for style-conscious couples. From our Edinburgh studio, we work closely with couples to create wedding stationery as unique and stylish as they are. We design everything from invitations to on-the-day stationery and thank you cards, specialising in bold typography and striking designs that grooms as well as brides love.  //  //


Images by LISA DEVINE + THE CURRIES mwah mwah mwah xx

pinterest wedding inspiration

I’m feeling cool. Cool + calm + drinking clear icelandic water with breezy cool tipped eyes and nails + wednesday adams hair in reverse.

When you click on your Pinterest and see that one week you pinned all the creamiest crisp tones with a hint of holiday feels in black and cream and grey thats warm. That.

Join the #teamTWC pin party HERE + get the credits for all those coolcalm images above while your there.