Sam & Sequoia are the gal-power duo behind MIRRORBOX PHOTOGRAPHY  – a pair of funny funny, super talented photographers who love them some sun-soaked light & simple, COOL, modern couple shots.
They also offer a stop-motion film package – you have to check this out! Click here to see some videos – such a cool addition to your wedding photos! And if ever a pair can catch THE dance moment of your wedding night – it’s the Mirrorbox girls…

mirrorbox photography

To us, a wedding photo shouldn’t just be a record of the day – its a statement, a memento and a moment all in one.  You’re going to be looking at your wedding photos for years to come, showing them to friends, family, colleagues and kids.  We don’t want to give you a set of images you are pleased with, but a set of images that you LOVE.  When you look at them in 30 years time, your pictures will tell a story about you, about your wedding day and the marriage that followed.