Sam & Sequoia are the gal-power duo behind MIRRORBOX PHOTOGRAPHY  – a pair of funny funny, super talented photographers who love them some sun-soaked light & simple, COOL, modern couple shots.
They also offer a stop-motion film package – you have to check this out! Click here to see some videos – such a cool addition to your wedding photos! And if ever a pair can catch THE dance moment of your wedding night – it’s the Mirrorbox girls…

mirrorbox photography

To us, a wedding photo shouldn’t just be a record of the day – its a statement, a memento and a moment all in one.  You’re going to be looking at your wedding photos for years to come, showing them to friends, family, colleagues and kids.  We don’t want to give you a set of images you are pleased with, but a set of images that you LOVE.  When you look at them in 30 years time, your pictures will tell a story about you, about your wedding day and the marriage that followed.


Sarah and Darren of SD PHOTOGRAPHY love their job like CRAAAAZY.  As soon as you meet these guys you will know it. Self confessed weirdos who love animals, houseplants, geometry & Game of Thrones (serious hipster-geek vibes!) – S&D are down to earth, super friendly and keen as beans to be there on your wedding day capturing all the feels with their candid unobtrusive approach – creating authentic, evoking images in rich, vibrant tones leaving you feeling all warm and emotional..

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Our approach to shooting a wedding is pretty simple; we’ll keep it mostly candid (can’t beat a good caught-off-guard expression), capture moments as and when they happen, avoid cheesy clichés and most importantly let the couple and their guests have an almighty blast along the way! We love to make use of the surrounding context and incorporate textures and the like into some of our images – don’t be freaked out if you see us umm-ing and ahh-ing over an old rickety shed complete with peeling paint!

In all, we totally dig weddings – even had one ourselves once upon a time! So if you like what you hear and are looking for an untraditional, fine-art wedding photographer for your elopement or wedding, whether it be a local or an abroad affair, please feel free to give us a holler!

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In the GWC spotlight this week………
Here’s what this super picture-taker has to say for herself …..

1/ business:
Lisa Devine Photography… It’s just me myself and I, so no sharpie pen and post it note fuelled brainstorming sessions to come up with that name 🙂
 I edit in my house where I live with my husband and our little girl, which is just outside Glasgow but shoot anywhere and everywhere. I have been lucky enough to shoot weddings as far a field as Sweden and Brazil!

2/ describe your workspace:
I’m in the process of trying to create a new work space….we’ve just moved house so I’m addicted to Pinterest and can spend hours searching for ideas and styles that I like. Up until very recently I was sat amongst cardboard boxes in a room with pale yellow wallpaper that had illustrations of teddy bears at the seaside, not the most inspiring I have to admit. Thankfully we’ve just painted it and I’m slowly beginning to unpack the boxes and find places for things. These things include a ridiculous number of used and unused vintage cameras, lightboxes, frames (hundreds of frames) and magazines! I spend so much time at my desk editing, usually until ridiculous times in the morning so it’s really important to me that it’s somewhere I enjoy being. I’ve been purchasing prints and intend to get my own work up on the walls to give it a little bit of a gallery feel. All that said the most important thing on my desk right now is probably my digital radio. It gets me through my marathon edits!

3/ where did it all begin?
I have always loved photographs and photography but I actually ended up on the Photography degree course in Manchester by total fluke.

I studied a foundation Art course in Manchester and was convinced I wanted to study Fine Art. A horrific pretentious interview for Fine Art at Kent Institute Of Art & Design made me realise Fine Art wasn’t for me and despite getting offered a place I returned to Manchester and followed my friends who had gone on to study Photography (plus the course leader liked my surname as well as my portfolio so gave me a place!).I had been doing photography throughout my foundation course but more as a means to assisting me with my paintings or installations so I had to embrace it a little. After my first year I was hooked and I graduated with a degree in Photography in 2001. Fast forward more than a few years and it was when I moved back to Glasgow after working in agencies in London and Manchester that a job with a music promoter turned me back on to it. Photographing bands, venues, festivals… somehow progressed in to shooting some weddings for friends… and I’ve never looked back. I have now been shooting mainly weddings for 3 years.

4/ favourite work to date?
I’ve been lucky to shoot loads of amazing weddings, but obviously the wedding in Brazil was a highlight for so many reasons. The couple Juliana & Roberto found me via a UK wedding blog, Love My Dress, so when they emailed I really did think it was a wind up! It thankfully wasn’t and me, my husband and our daughter went on an amazing adventure to Brazil. It’s the one place in the world I always wanted to go to so I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity. The wedding itself was beautiful. I was able to get really close during the catholic mass and I think those images are some of my favourite ceremony shots to date. I’m also getting lots of elopements at the moment, which I love. They are so intimate and special and you really become part of the day. I usually end up shedding a tear behind the camera.

5/ who/what inspires you?
Photography wise I am inspired so many I’d be here all day if I had to list them… a few would be Guy Bourdin, Garry Winogrand, Martin Parr, Sean Flannigan, Andreas Gursky, Terry Richardson, Nirav Patel, Sara Byrne….and the list goes on. Music also inspires me lots and in my personal work I tend to be inspired by song lyrics, I don’t know why, some just stick with me. I love a good magazine like Betty, frankie or Oh Comley and love flicking through them when I have a very rare moment to myself!

6/ describe a typical day:
My days vary so much… when my daughter is at nursery they can start at 9am, when she’s not they can start at 9pm (or whenever we get her to bed!). If I’m not shooting a wedding I am usually editing, replying to emails…and writing lists! I love a good list.

7/ where’s your favourite place to go? 
I love Glencoe, especially when it’s raining. It’s everything about Scotland that I love. I have spent quite a bit of time up there and last year had a mentor session with one of my favourite photographers there (Nirav Patel). I  also did a pre-wed shoot with Lisa & Stewart there which remains one of my most popular and favourite shoots to date. It’s just a really special place.

8/ favourite wedding venue:
This is a toughy as there are lots of lovely venues out there that are great at different times of the year and for different couples. Couples can use the same venue so differently! I’d have to say I love venues that are almost like blank canvases such as Crear or the new Woodside Warehouse, which I’d LOVE to shoot at!

9/ best piece of advice you’ve ever been given:
Shoot a wedding from the inside out, not the outside in!

So she takes a brilliant photo, has a lovely new peachy logo, she worked in BRAZIL & reads all of our favourite magazines.
What’s not to like about Lisa Devine?!
To see more of Lisa’s work and grab her contact details, head over to the Photography section in our Directory.
Team GWC x