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Following on from our office crystal ball 2017 WEDDING TRENDS predictions for Fashions + Style .. ARROW + TWINE curated some of their favourite wedding trends for this year + next in Styling + Decor. The images these guys pulled together for us made for some seriously stylish mood board making! To see their full edit + get links to all the images – check out our Pinterest board!

Table settings, backdrops + ceremony decor .. These ideas are just a hint at the kind of inspiration you can expect from hiring this team as your wedding decor gurus …


2 0 1 7 // R U S T I C  O P U L E N C E

wedding trends
The rustic trend is set to continue in 2017 + beyond, but with one major difference: scale. Rural vibes and countryside influence will still be evident, but everything will be amplified. // Key elements to watch: wild flowers (and more of them), full table decor, neutral colour palette with darker undertones, sultry photography, reclaimed wood / heavy duty furniture decor, local produce featuring in gourmet grazing stations, and more outdoor venues; tipis, forests, farms.

2 0 1 7 // M I N I M A L I S T  G R E E N E R Y

wedding trends
Relaxed foliage with a modern edge has been growing in popularity, and Pantone’s announcement of Greenery (15-0343) as colour of the year will only help this trend grow in popularity in 2017. // Key elements to watch: green foliage, simple yet high-end styling as a must, sleek lines (think geometric shapes), white as the overriding colour, metalics, perspex menus with modern calligraphy, industrial and modern venues such as warehouses and restaurants, a relaxed atmosphere.


2 0 1 7 // N U D E S + N E U T R A L S

wedding trends

Nudes and neutrals can work on their own, or combined with bursts of warmer colours. There is a feeling of elegance with this trend: think luxurious and feminine. // Key elements to watch: neutral colour palettes, elegant decor and styling, traditional blooms and large bouquets, blush wedding dresses, handwritten calligraphy stationery, softer boho influences, works across most venues.


Who plans to incorporate some of these trends in their wedding styling then?
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we’ve asked our GWC cake-baking pals what they’ve been making this past while & why … these cakes got me DROOLIN’.  Over to the bakers ….

H A P P Y H I L L S  C A K E S  //  C H A L K B O A R D !

happyhills cakes
This blackboard effect is a current trend in cake making. The rough illustrations on this particular one were inspired by the lyrics from Nina Simone’s Feeling Good – but there would be so much scope to make this one as personal as could be possible! Lots of ideas could include names; song lyrics; place names; fav flowers etc and there could be as much or as little ‘chalk’ as you liked. The flowers are made of sugar as always and there could be lots of options there to make it more seasonal too.

B I G  B E A R  B A K E R Y //  M O D E R N  P A S T E L S + B O L D  C H E V R O N

big bear bakery

(image by Mirrorbox Photography)

C U S T O M  C A K E S by L Y N S E Y  //  W H I M S I C A L   S T E A M P U N K   F U S I O N

This April I had the pleasure of making a fantastic wedding cake for my wee Mammy, I was pretty much given free reign with the design as long as I included some of My Mum’s love of  whimsical and vintage style and her hubby Ricky’s passion for Steampunk design. I didn’t want to go to heavy on the shabby chic elements as Ricky has already had to give into my Mum’s bombardment of all things frilly, lacy, and rose patterned in their home, so I tried to keep it more steampunk but not too dark with my Mums style coming through in the flowers, touches of lace and the corset on top. This part also tied in with the Marie Antoinette cake table my Mum had decorated. The wedding was a huge success with both styles coming together, my Mum in her bespoke lace gown from Dragonfly Design and Ricky’s awesome Steampunk suit including a cane with a a working mini telescope at the end! I’m so glad I got to create this cake not only because I thoroughly enjoyed the design process and unveiling it on the day but for my Mum and Ricky who have found love again.

B A K E D  //  N A K E D + F L O R A L

baked by mike

I love the simplicity of this cake, it works well with less structured and informal setting and using fresh flowers means it can be adapted to match table settings, flowers and bouquet.

B A K E D  no. 2 //  C O N T E M P O R Y  D E L I C A T E  G E O M E T R I C

baked by mike

This cake takes it design from the current fashion and textile geometric trend. This gives it a very modern feel. I love to use edible wafer paper in my designs, I have used it in this design to give the ranunculus flowers their characteristic delicate petals giving a light and contemporary twist on traditional cake floral decoration.


um YUM you guys.  SO MANY GOOD CAKES!!!
To see more of each bakers wedding cake work – head into the GWC Directory!

Love the Team x