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Yo nosey parkers!  It’s been a while!  Excited to get our groove back on with the Supplier Spotlight series … and first up?  It’s oor Barry!

1/ business: Worldly Nomads Films

you/your team:
Worldly Nomads Films is simply myself and my lovely wife Laura. I handle the shooting and editing, she handles the bookings, admin and helps out on shoots when needed. To be honest, I prefer shooting solo on a wedding day. I like to think of myself as a film ninja, capturing people naturally and in as relaxed a way as possible. Most guests don’t even realise I’m taking video! I find I get my best shots when people are acting naturally, and I think that comes across in my films.

2/ describe your workspace:
When I’m shooting weddings, I can be anywhere from a church to a field, forest or mountain. I love the variety of the weddings I shoot, and having to adapt to different conditions. The best wedding for me is variety, nice indoor spaces, great external spaces and variable weather conditions. Those three elements create a fantastic variety of shots for a wedding film.

3/ where did it all begin:
Antarctica. No seriously! You may have noticed from our name and website that we love to see the world, so we split our time between shooting wedding films in Scotland with our love of travel. On one of our most recent travels through South America, we took a boat down to Antarctica with a couple of friends, where they got engaged! As we celebrated on the journey back to Argentina, it was agreed I would shoot their wedding film, and the rest, as they say, is history.

4/ favourite work to date:
Hard to say, every wedding day is different, and each couple comes with their own personalities and quirks. I love having to adapt to different venues, couples and conditions, it makes the videos so unique! I guess if you pushed me, the wedding of our friends whom we were with when they got engaged in Antarctica is a highlight. It was the first wedding film I made, and being there from the engagement to wedding was just lovely.

5/ who/what inspires you:
Aside from the numerous film makers I follow and the inordinate amount of time I spend watching their work, I’m inspired by passionate people who aren’t afraid to be who they are. I value self awareness highly, and I’m inspired by people who have figured out who they are, and have been able to embrace and love themselves for who they are. That, and Attenborough. His most recent documentaries in glorious slow motion HD are beautiful, and I appreciate the hard work and time the film makers must go through to get a 3 second shot.

6/ describe a typical day:
Every day can be totally different! Somedays I’ll be shooting a wedding, other days I’ll be neck deep editing a film (which is where the bulk of my time is spent). I also meet with potential couples for coffee, reply to enquiries etc. When we’re travelling, I can be mixing it up with locals in markets, sitting on top of camels (never again) or climbing glaciers, it can be very unpredictable. When I’m editing, I work from a home office in our apartment in Glasgow. I have a glass desk (which for some reason I prefer to an opaque one go figure).  I’m usually found with a pot of tea on my left and various wires, memory cards and cameras on my right. Headphones are almost always in my ears as I edit videos and test music against the footage I take. It’s intense but I love it.

7/ wheres your favourite place to go?:
We’re really enjoying the Finnieston area in Glasgow at the moment, there are so many nice places to grab food and a drink there. Our all time favourite food is Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) so any place that has that and other good Asian dishes is a winner for us.

8/ favourite wedding venue:
Oh gosh now you really are asking difficult questions! Any venue that has a good variety of indoor and outdoor spaces wins for us. I love shooting at Crear as its almost like a blank canvas for couples to put their personal twist on.

9/ best piece of advice you’ve been given:
I like the quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside you”


Thanks for sharing a bit of your life & work Barry!  Love hearing what inspires GWC Suppliers to do what they do… And Antarctica?! SO COOL!

To read more about Worldly Nomads, see some of his work & get in touch with Barry… Check out his Profile in our GWC Directory 🙂

Love, The Team x

Happy Monday y’all!!

Time to put another one of our cracking’ GWC team into yon spotlight again!
Let us introduce.. the super lovely, SUPER stylish…


1/ business:
     Skinny Malink
you/your team:
  Me (Lynsay O’Connor) with occasional help from my husband Iain (who is one of the Pinup Nights DJs – another GWC supplier!)
where: Edinburgh

2/ describe your workspace:
Skinny Malink has recently moved into a new studio just off Edinburgh’s Rose street. It’s great to finally have a space that can accommodate all of the printers and stationery materials. It’s also great to have such a central location to meet up with clients to talk through design ideas and their stationery needs.  The studio is a bit bare at the moment, but I’m working on brightening it up!

3/ where did it all begin?
It all began less than a year ago. Iain and I were planning our own wedding, as a graphic designer it was a no-brainer to design our own wedding invitations rather than source a supplier or purchase straight off the shelf.  I received such positive feedback on the invitations that we started to think it might be a good idea to set up an alternative stationery business offering affordable-personalised designs ‘off the shelf’ in an online store or completely bespoke to the individual.

4/ favourite work to date?
I’m really fond of our Playful collection of stationery ( The design was inspired by the artwork found in old Pelican-style schoolbook covers. A bold typeface coupled with retro colouring and strong geometric shapes. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but has had very good feedback and that’s the whole idea of Skinny Malink.

5/ who/what inspires you?
I get inspiration from so many places and so many people. Two of my favourite graphic designers are Jan Tschichold and Ian McLaren and I have learned a so much from their approach and way of working – They take a very mathematical considered approach to layout and design which always looks great.
I also love the textile designer Anni Alber’s geometric patterns, they’re so beautiful!

6/ where’s your favourite place to in your city?
In Edinburgh I love it when it’s Festival time. It’s such a great month of the year, when all these secret venues you’d never knew existed open their doors especially for the Fringe. Edinburgh really comes to life during the festival and I love the crowds and the people watching that go along with it.
I love going back home to Glasgow for a sneaky night out whenever I get the chance – When I do you can usually find me partaking in a delicious White Russian in Nice n Sleazy’s!





We LOVE this gals style.  Never failing to impress us with her impeccable taste in print and patterns!! Wowser.

To see more of Lynsay’s work and find her contact details (since we’re pretty sure she’s the invitation-making wizard that you’ve all been looking for…) head on over to the Stationery section of our Directory.

Team GWC x